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04-09-2020, 14:20
Just got this e-mail:

Origins Game Fair Postponed to October;
Origins Online Scheduled for June

COLUMBUS, OH – April 9, 2020 – The Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA), the non-profit organization serving the hobby games industry, today announced that it will postpone the 46th Annual Origins Game Fair, originally scheduled for June 17-21, 2020 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, to October 7-11, 2020. The tabletop convention attracts more than 20,000 attendees from around the world to central Ohio to play thousands of board games, collectible card games, miniatures and role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, Catan, and hundreds of other titles.

The decision to postpone the convention follows extensive discussions with its membership, the city of Columbus, the Greater Columbus Convention Center, hotel partners, and exhibitors. “The decision to postpone the convention was not one we made lightly,” said GAMA Executive Director, John Stacy. “The safety and well-being of the Origins community is our number one priority. Given the current health situation, we believe that it is best to move the convention to October.”

With the postponement, GAMA also announced that they would be hosting an online gaming convention during the original show weekend, June 19-21, 2020.
Origins Online 2020 will be a fully virtual convention for tabletop gaming fans to enjoy from their devices and will feature an Exhibit Hall where attendees can demo and buy games and merchandise. In addition, the virtual convention will offer streaming workshops and educational seminars with guest authors, artists and game designers, plus hundreds of games online that attendees can sign up to participating in.

“We are all in this together. The postponement of the in-person event and introduction of Origins Online is an opportunity for the hobby games industry and broader gaming community to get excited together and come back stronger on the other side of this pandemic,” Stacy continued.

Details regarding the postponement of Origins Game Fair and Origins Online will be shared soon on the event website.

Oberst Hajj
04-09-2020, 14:56
Thanks for the update Karl. We were expecting them to announce something on May 1st, but it seems they decided to make the call now.

Flying Helmut
04-09-2020, 15:04
Many thanks for the heads-up, Karl!

I'll see whether it will be possible for me to transfer my Leave from June to October.

Cheers :drinks:

04-09-2020, 16:10
I was not confident the Origins would be held in June. Lets hope things are cleaned up and moving again by October to get Tim over here.

camel crew
04-10-2020, 02:10
thanks for the info Karl


04-10-2020, 04:29
Thanks for the update, fingers crossed that Tim can still make it.
Love the sound of the Virtual Origins... is that open to everyone?

04-10-2020, 05:29
Super big thanks for this!!! :sAprvd: I was wondering if there were going to cancel or postpone. Glad they announced sooner so that people can reschedule their travel arrangements.

04-10-2020, 10:36
Tim its a bummer :( but it gives you more time to paint up a superb creation in between saving the population of the British Isles for which the populous are , or should be most grateful for.

04-11-2020, 00:46
well, at least they didnt cancel it outright.

camel crew
04-11-2020, 07:05
Heads Up Tim.

Went to Cincinnati a few years back in October to see the Bengals (yes I know I'm sad) Highly recommend you pack extra thermals. It was very cold when we went.

04-11-2020, 07:14
I have been contacted by Origin's about the games I have entered. I will be contacting my game masters to see how things work for them. The show will go on.

04-14-2020, 16:39
I think their timing is great.
A few weeks back I was in Louisville KY where my two year old Bernese Mountain Dog, THOR, completed his AKC Championship on Thursday at the Dog Show.
On Friday afternoon the powers-that-be cancelled the balance of the show.
This left several thousand participants, their pets, the vendors and show personnel all to pack up and leave.
Hotel rooms, RV parks, restaurants and air flights had to be cancelled.
Many had travelled from overseas, and from all points on the compass from throughout the US...one of the largest Dog Shows in the country after Westmister and the Nationals.
Hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue and many broken dreams.
This is to say I'm glad the ORIGINS folks had the gumption to make the difficult call early enough for everyone's benefit.
Hopefully rescheduling for later will be an option.
Everyone stay safe and healthy.

06-13-2020, 02:57
Unfortunately, Origins 2020 is now fully canceled :(
Sorry, Tim; we'll have to wait until 2021 to share that beer.

GAMA made the decision to postpone Origins Game Fair to October to provide time to evaluate the possibility of holding a tabletop gaming convention in 2020. Based on the information we are receiving on the likelihood of a second wave of the covid pandemic this fall and uncertainty around of Ohio’s mass gathering restrictions for festival, fairs and events like ours we have made the difficult decision to also cancel the October Origins show. We regret the timing of the decision but believe that is better to provide as much notice to exhibitors, event planners and attendees to adjust their schedules and plans for the rest of the year.


06-13-2020, 04:01
Damn shame but better safe than sorry.

06-13-2020, 04:24
Unfortunately, Origins 2020 is now fully canceled :(
Sorry, Tim; we'll have to wait until 2021 to share that beer.


In my opinion its not worth the risk. We'll just have to share a couple of beers and toast the delay!

06-13-2020, 15:02
I had a hotel reserved but I figured there was only about a 10% chance of actually going. Pulling together strangers from across the country to sit in close quarters would only work with a vaccine available.

Flying Helmut
06-15-2020, 18:15

Well, thanks to the advance notice I've been able to put in a request for a refund on my flight tickets - fingers crossed! (eyes crossed too!)

Rescheduling my leave at work might be a bit problematic (since I've already changed it twice!) but it might also enable me to incorporate a rescheduled Prague 2020 in October...………..

Shame it's off in Ohio, but it's completely understandable.
We'll just have to spin the wheel of fortune next year.

06-16-2020, 06:05
Well I suppose 2020 Origins was not meant to be. Between Covid 19 and Matt's passing we have had two body blows that are just too much to get up and walk away from.

Hopefully 2021 will be better for all.

06-16-2020, 07:38
Tim, was hoping to meet you at Origins. Hope life gets sorted out and we can see you next year!

Jim, I hope and pray that your bruises are starting to heal up.

06-16-2020, 09:08
That's a real bummer but not entirely unexpected - hopefully things will be a lot better in 12 months time. :thumbsup:

06-16-2020, 12:28
An understatement, but this has been a crappy year. We can only hope for a better 2021.
Don't worry, Tim. We'll hold your seat for you ;)

06-17-2020, 00:12
this really sucks. i needed origins this year.

06-17-2020, 08:54
this really sucks. i needed origins this year.

The escape would have been great. Sadly, we can't escape this world :(

06-17-2020, 09:23
The escape would have been great. Sadly, we can't escape this world :(

Oh so true. So sadly true. Hopefully by next year we can escape again.