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Lt. S.Kafloc
10-05-2016, 15:02
Coral sea 1/200: Table 2 WW2 Game 2.

This game was heavily influenced by Keith's game, Tanekazi, at Origins 2016. A Japanese carrier the IJN Nosho has borken down and is awaiting spares. The Japanese admiral has dispatched the Fubuki class destroyer IJN Inedakazi to take spares to the carrier so she can rejoin the fleet.


Unfortunately the US carrier planes have seen the destroyer and followed her to find the carrier. Both Devastators, carrying bombs and Dauntless dive bombers are now in a position to attack both ships. The Japanese carrier has managed to launch 1 Claude fighter and a Rufe seaplane is in the area to provide air cover. This is how the battle begins.

Deadly M, Hawkhurst and Fyling Officer Kyte close in on the stationary Japanese carrier IJN Nosho and the slow moving destroyer IJN Inedakazi. Suddenly Kyte breaks for the carrier, Deadly M and Hawkhurst split for the destroyer. (All pilots were flying 2 aircraft each). Nightbomber-San is controlling a Rufe and a Claude, which has just taken off from the carrier and heads straight for FO Kyte pair of Devastators, (acting as bombers).

Deadly M and Hawkhurst fly into a deadly flak barrage from the destroyer and come through relatively unscathed.



FO Kyte braves the flak from the carrier, ignores the attacking Japanese planes and let's loose his first full load.


Deadly M loses a Dauntless.


Unfortunately the Devatator paid the price and was splashed. All 3 bombs hit the mid rear flight deck causing devastation.


Hawkhurst flies through the flak, hits the destroyer with 2 loads but loses a Devatator which ploughs into the Inedakazis deck. Deadly M closes and delivers the coup de grace.


FO Kyte 2nd Devastator closes in and drops it's bombs smack on the forward flight deck of Nosho. Then it too succumbs to fire from the pursuing Japanese fighters. All remaining US aircraft depart as Inedakazi settles beneath the waves and the damage control teams try to put out fires and repair damage on Nosho.



IJN Nosho: 150 points took 35 points of damage.

IJN Indedakazi: 50 points took 58 points of damage with 3 fires raging.

Games Rules:
The Devastators carried 3 D chit bombs and could drop them 1 at a time or all in 1 go.
The Devastators could only level bomb as per the rule book.
The Dauntless carried 1 D chit bomb and 2 C Chit bombs and again could drop them 1 at a time or all in 1 go.
The Dauntless could dive bomb as per the rule book.

Here you can see th chits in action

The 5" guns, twin on the Inedakazi and the single on the carrier could fire every other go. A simple chit ready to fire and reloading on the reverse enabled the umpire to keep a track of which gun could fire and which could not.
The 5" twin used a double burst template each 70mm diameter and joined half way making a burst template 70mm by 100mm. The single 5" used a single 70 mm diameter burst template.
All AA mounts on the destroyer and carrier were considered triple 25mm's and fired for 3 cards before reloading on the 4th. (2 chits were made with ready to fire 1 and 2 on the reverse and ready to fire 3 and reloading on the reverse)
Both were given extended ranges, the 5" to 24" with no firing within 6" and the 25mm to 18".

An explosion chit from bombs produced 2 more chits worth of damage and a fire chit drew an A damage cht every go until a zero was drawn.

The destroyer used 2 straights and 4 turns, 2 left and 2 right and were played randomly. The destroyer moved 2cm's forward or 1cm with a turn.

Gun tokens can be found here: http://www.wingsofwar.org/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=2408

10-05-2016, 20:06
Very interesting battle.
The ship models look great and really add to the overall effect.

10-05-2016, 21:29
Great AAR, Neil.

As expected this mission had a nice setup and some interesting "air vs ship" rules.

I really like the DD model and the carrier deck. :thumbsup:

10-06-2016, 00:47
I could hear the shouts of delight from the table right across the room as the flat top took its damage. :D
Nice shots Neil and the ships really did look the business.

Lt. S.Kafloc
10-06-2016, 01:15
The carrier full size was on the table but was removed and the deck only placed so aircraft didn't look out of place. You can just make it out on the back table. Unfortunately I removed it before taking photos.

Great AAR, Neil.

As expected this mission had a nice setup and some interesting "air vs ship" rules.

I really like the DD model and the carrier deck. :thumbsup:

10-06-2016, 01:45
Great stuff Neil, the carrier looks awesome, even if at a distance & partly obscured, as do the destroyers; all set off by the mat which, due to the way it was rolled, has given it the look of a rolling sea. :hatsoff:
Poor Rob will have to change his name to Bob... as he seems to end up doing that beside the ships on most occasions ! ;)