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02-10-2015, 07:53
This isn't an official WGS aircraft, but it's definitely appropriate for use in mid-1940 and Battle of Britain scenarios. Although unofficial, Armaments in Miniature does stock this model.

Boulton-Paul Defiant Mk.I N1585 (Coded PS-A) of No 264 Sqn
Sqn Ldr P.A. Hunter & F.H. King; August 1940


The first unit to equip with the Bouton-Paul Defiant (a single engine two-seater fighter aircraft with a rear gun turret) was No 264 Squadron, becoming operational in March 1940. First entering combat in May, the Defiant achieved a somewhat patchy record: against bombers, the Defiant's extremely heavy turret armament was very effective and by operating mixed formations of Defiants and Hurricanes, the RAF could make use of the superficial resemblance between the two types to confuse and trap German fighters. However, when Bf.109s caught Defiants on their own, and recognized them for what they were, they inflicted appalling casualties (making matters worse, a Defiant gunner had very little chance of escaping from his turret in an emergency).

Despite some early successes, aircraft and aircrew losses were high in Nos. 264 and 141 Squadrons.

Philip Algernon Hunter (DSO) was given command of 264 Squadron in March 1940. During the evacuation of Dunkirk the squadron was based in Kent and flew daily over the beaches of Northern France during the evacuation of the British Army from Dunkirk. For his leadership, Hunter was awarded the Distinguished Service Order and his gunner, Pilot Officer Frederick Hill was awarded the Distinguished Flying Medal. As a team they had achieved a tally of 9 enemy aircraft destroyed, a share in another, and 1 probable.

His citation (which appeared in the London Gazette on 14 of June 1940) reads as follows:
In May 1940, under the leadership of Squadron Leader Hunter, this squadron shot down thirty eight enemy aircraft during the course of two patrols. He personally destroyed three of that number. His brilliant leadership as well as his example and courage are of the highest standard.

Both Sqn Ldr P.A. Hunter (DSO) & P/O F.H. King were declared MIA in Boulton-Paul Defiant N1535 on 24 Aug 1940. They were last seen chasing a Junkers Ju 88 over the Channel.

Flying Officer Kyte
02-25-2015, 06:03
Mine arrived from AIM yesterday Chris so this will be very useful.All we need now are stats for it.

02-26-2015, 02:15
I would go with:
Maneuver deck D* (no reversals)
Hits: 17
Ceiling: 11
Climb: 5
The turret is B/A with the tail blind spot for both the rear and front arcs.


Flying Officer Kyte
02-26-2015, 03:07
Thanks Karl That will do nicely.

02-26-2015, 16:37
There are a couple of plane cards available for download in the WW2 Files section. They give the Defiant 18 hits and the D deck.

02-27-2015, 00:29
Well, I did the math, and from accounts I read, it couldn't do extreme maneuvers, with the weight of the turret.
For those doing campaigns, the gunner had a lot of difficulty getting out to parachute, so gunner survival rolls need to be modified :(

Flying Officer Kyte
02-27-2015, 01:10
There are a couple of plane cards available for download in the WW2 Files section. They give the Defiant 18 hits and the D deck.

Thanks for the tip on cards Dave.
I will go with those and just take out the Immelmann then.