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  1. National: test and announcement, Balto-Wash Sqdrn
  2. National: Illinois Pilots check in!
  3. Ohio: Ohio Squadron and Flight Leaders
  4. Tennessee: Sqaudron and Flight Assignments
  5. Pennsylvania: 2011 Historicon in Valley Forge
  6. For the NW USA 'Dromers... (Memorial Day Weekend event?)
  7. Dawn of War and Wings of War day in Ada, Ohio
  8. National: Dogfights over Pasadena CA
  9. Ohio: 3 Day Warning - Game Day Pickerington Ohio
  10. Wings of War WW1 Tournament - Mesa AZ
  11. CINCYCON 2011
  12. National: Guns Of August!
  13. Ohio: 3 Day Warning - Last Event at Armoury Games in Pickerington, Ohio
  14. ALARM on the Chesapeake - short notice game 2/27 Balto-Was Sqdn
  15. Vul-Con Arena 1 Schedule is up
  16. Wings of Savage Mill (Maryland)
  17. Players in Evansville, IN?
  18. Ohio: Ada Game Day Mar. 28th
  19. National: Minnesota Pilots
  20. North Carolina Calling All Pilots!
  21. Arizona Knights of the Skies Tourney -- Tucson, AZ
  22. Historicon 2011 - It's official! The Aerodrome will be there!
  24. Rockford Royal Rumble
  25. Texas Big WoW play at TexiCon in Ft. Worth, May 20-21
  26. Ohio: Earth to Ohio... come in Ohio... this is ground control...
  27. Baltimore-Washington New to Wings of War
  28. Illinois Illinois Players
  29. National: NOVA Pilots
  30. Ohio: Short Notice on Upcoming Columbus Event...
  31. Ohio: August - Ohio (and neighbors) Open Tournament in Columbus
  32. GenCon Indy 2011
  33. Ohio: Possible Columbus Area game location
  34. Illinois Another Rockford Happening
  35. Ohio: The Game Room in Toledo
  36. Ohio: Attention Ohio Pilots
  37. Illinois Rockford 7/30
  38. Andrea Angiolino will be making a "virtual" appearance at Vul-Con Arena 2
  39. Arizona Battle Over Caprona!
  40. Ohio: Attention Ada, Ohio and surrounding area pilots
  41. Ohio: Official Tournament Rules for Sunday August 7 at The Soldiery, Columbus, Ohio
  42. Arizona Attention Arizona Pilots - War has been DECLARED!
  43. Looking for Players in Washington
  44. Chicago group?
  45. The Game Room in Toledo Dawn of War Monday 22nd.
  46. The Game Room in Toledo Dawn of War Monday 22nd.
  47. California Modesto, WOW, OFAC lite fires & kicks the tires
  48. California WOW Players of the Central Valley
  49. Wings of War Tournament at DaveCon! (Lansing, MI)
  50. Illinois Happening at Games Plus
  51. Cold Wars
  52. Rock CON Coming Nov 4-6
  53. California Emerald Knights, Burbank, CA September 22nd 6:00pm
  54. FALL IN
  55. Rockford Wings Game Day at Royal Hobby
  56. Monday night at the LGS Mon. 26
  57. OPAC flys in to the night
  58. Ohio: Ohio Squadron Fall gathering: Willoughby, OH 12-NOV-11
  59. Game Day at Fort Meigs
  60. Gameday at Fort Meigs
  61. Trains and Planes 2011
  62. December 11th Game Day in Ada, Ohio
  63. Arizona Dec 10th Vul-Con Arena 3 - WOG WW1
  64. California Where do you play?
  65. National: California Game Conventions 2012
  66. National: Williamsburg Muster Febuary 2-4 2012
  67. National: Niagara CON
  68. California Dec 21 Sortie at Game Empire Pasadena
  69. National: After Action Report - Pasadena
  70. National: Greetings from Italy Wing
  71. Ohio: Sunday 1st January 2012 Sortie
  72. Ohio: Events at BashCon (Toledo Ohio)
  73. California January Pasadena Meet
  74. Illinois Time for another happening
  75. WoW/G in Champaign IL, 27-29 January.
  76. California Get Together In Pasadena
  77. Florida RECON in April 26th through 29th
  78. North Carolina To Your Planes!
  79. Game Day at The Hobby Shop Dayton, Ohio
  80. California Feb 22 - Take to the skies over Game Empire Pasadena.
  81. Illinois Illinois: Game day at Royal Hobbies, Rockford
  82. Illinois Little Wars
  83. Illinois Rock-Con 2012 Game Convention
  84. National: Hello from Atlanta
  85. National: AnCon
  86. March 17th Game Day in Ada, Ohio
  87. Baltimore-Washington Madicon 21 (Virginia): WW2 Battle of Britain Scenario
  88. National: DOW Goes to the MAM!
  89. National: Hello Gents!!
  90. any one in the Southeast USA?
  91. National: NashCon 2012-Wings of War will be Played
  92. Anyone going to Cold Wars this weekend?
  93. Illinois Get Together in Aurora
  94. Washington How do I post one of them nifty airplane pictures to my profile?
  95. Ohio: Ohio Wing
  96. Washington Pacific Northwest-- Enfilade Registration Now Open
  97. California Pasadena - March 28 flight at Game Empire Pasadena!
  98. Illinois Game Day at Royal Hobbies, Rockford
  99. New York Upstate Games? Albany - Poughkeepsie?
  100. Arizona 1914 all over
  101. Texas San Antonio - Anyone going to Chimaeracon on Easter weekend?
  102. Washington Enfilade '12 (Olympia, WA Memorial Day Weekend)--Anybody Interested?
  103. Arizona Greetings from Tucson
  104. California Large Formation of French aircraft sighted over Bay Area looking for the Hun!
  105. Airshow
  106. Ohio: FloorWars Spring 2012 21-APR-12 Willoughby, Ohio
  107. National: Rank Insignias
  108. National: Mats...where to buy or download?
  109. WGF Game Day at The Soldiery
  110. Colorado: New pilot!
  111. New York Fort Orange Gamers Meeting for May
  112. California Hit the Beach 2012 HMGS/PSWs summer one day event will have all day Wing of War
  113. National: Hello from a new comer
  114. National: After Action Report for NashCon 2012
  115. National: Hello from Indiana
  116. Ohio: Just signed up
  117. Baltimore-Washington Oh, right.
  118. Michigan: Michigan Player
  119. Washington Should we rename this to the PNW "Prefix"
  120. National: Find local players in the US
  121. New York Friday Night Flights (6/15)
  122. Ohio: Nows Con
  123. Ohio: Game day at St. Mark Lutheran Church
  124. National: so. Central Indiana
  125. National: Events Calendar
  126. Pennsylvania: Just saying hello.
  127. Baltimore-Washington NoVa Gamers
  128. Ohio: Sorties July 15, 2012
  129. Ohio: Wing of War/Glory Tourney in Dayton Ohio on Aug. 25, 2012
  130. Florida Pensacola AAR, May 22, 2012
  131. Massachusetts Hello from MA
  132. Michigan: Develop SE Michigan Wing
  133. Massachusetts The Great New England Airshow this weekend
  134. Massachusetts Great New England Air Show Pics
  135. National: Just arriving at the front
  136. Illinois Rock-Con
  137. Texas Any WoW WWII groups in Houston?
  138. Ohio: Reporting for duty, sir!
  139. Washington NHMGS - Museum of Fligth Game Day - 3 Nov 2012 at the Seattle/Boeing Museum of Flight
  140. North Carolina Hello All!
  141. National: New to everything
  142. Florida Reporting for duty in Florida (Tampa)
  143. Baltimore-Washington Just a hello
  144. Baltimore-Washington Just joined. Have had the game for a while, looking for players.
  145. Michigan: Just landed!
  146. Ohio: Gameday & Potluck November 18th
  147. Illinois Creating actual WWI rcon photo game mat
  148. Illinois Reporting for duty
  149. National: New player in Wisconsin
  150. Illinois Rockford Game Day
  151. National: Portland, OR: Reporting for Duty for WW1 or WW2
  152. Illinois Reverse Ace Award
  153. National: Adepticon 2013
  154. National: Starting a new group, any suggestions?
  155. North Carolina Fly-in Planning for Gamer's Armory in Cary, NC
  156. Ohio: Sunday 16th Game Day in Ada
  157. Colorado: Colorado Military Historians (CMH)
  158. National: Reporting for Duty!
  159. National: Ready for Flight Training
  160. National: Happy New Year's!!!!
  161. Ohio: To my fellow Buckeye Gamers in Flight...
  162. National: Another (Old) New Player
  163. Ohio: BashCon Feb 15-17
  164. Ohio: Checking in
  165. anyone around va beach wanting a game
  166. National: Scramble Alert - Illinois / Wisconsin Squadrons
  167. National: Reporting for duty (Iowa wing)
  168. Texas Just landed.
  169. Arizona Calling all AZ aces!
  170. National: New Member in Illinois
  171. National: Hello from the Corn Fields
  172. Tennessee: Are there any TN Nashville Middle Tennessee gamers out there?
  173. Texas Hello from Texas
  174. Ohio: No gaming on 3rd Sunday of Feb.
  176. Gentlemen, man your planes! Enfilade 2013 is in the planning phase!
  177. National: Getting Started
  178. Baltimore-Washington Hello from Western Maryland
  179. National: Maine squadron reporting in... (and test post).
  180. Illinois March Scramble in Aurora
  181. Baltimore-Washington WWI Mega Dogfight on March 3rd @ Games and Stuff, Glen Burnie, MD!
  182. National: A Snoopid question
  183. Florida New member from Florida
  184. National: Running WoW/WoG at Con of North
  185. National: Procrastinator in Eastern Iowa
  186. Illinois Adepticon
  187. Texas Wings at Wayland
  188. Ohio: Sunday's Sorties
  189. Ohio: Hello all, Tribune reporting for duty.
  190. Colorado: Reporting!
  191. Arizona Reporting in from Northern Arizona
  192. Washington Enfilade games
  193. Colorado: Reporting for duty.
  194. Pennsylvania: New pilot reporting
  195. National: Missouri Pilot Cadet Reporting for Flight Instruction
  196. Florida New member and some questions
  197. Colorado: Reporting for duty
  198. National: Actual stores with the game Philly or Boston
  199. Ohio: Showing up here, finally
  200. National: Adepticon fast approaching
  201. National: Reporting for duty
  202. Ohio: Wings of War/Glory Tourney May 25th 2013 Dayton Ohio
  203. Illinois New Pilot, recently recruited!
  204. California Santa Maria intro to Wings of Glory (WWI)
  205. Texas Wings over Texicon 2013
  206. National: Virginia- Peninsula Reporting For Duty
  207. National: Oklahoma: Checking in
  208. National: Hello All
  209. WoW/WoG Tournament in St. George, UT
  210. National: new guy
  211. Baltimore-Washington New pilot in Ellicott City MD
  212. National: Best storage options
  213. National: Sails of glory game mats
  214. Ohio: New to the forum and game
  215. National: Looking for a couple of answers
  216. Illinois Squadron Scramble - Illinois / Wisconsin
  217. California Reporting for Duty
  218. Washington Reporting for Duty! Portland/Vancouver Area
  219. National: Tulsa, Oklahoma
  220. Illinois Rock-Con
  221. Ohio: Fields of Glory
  222. New York 4 days in New York
  223. Texas Newbie wit a question
  224. National: Recommendation for WW1/WW2 Planes
  225. Baltimore-Washington Reporting from the DC border
  226. Washington Enfilade 2013 AAR
  227. Ohio: Hello
  228. Illinois Illinois/Wisconsin Gaming Convention
  229. National: Wings of Glory - Airdrome- Nouvelles du Nouveau Port
  230. National: Virginia: Newport News
  231. Ohio: Flying in from Ohio
  232. Ohio: Ohio player who started playing at Origins 2013 Saturday afternoon.
  233. Ohio: Hello West Ohio (and Northeast Indiana)
  234. Illinois New Member Greetings
  235. Ohio: hooked at origins
  236. Ohio: Game Day at The Soldiery 7- Sunday July 7th 2013
  237. Illinois Game Day at The Last Square in Madison, WI -Added AAR
  238. National: Louis Bennett
  239. Illinois Joining From the Anchorage
  240. Pennsylvania: Just moved back to the Pittsburgh Area
  241. Ohio: Gaming in Kent Ohio 6-JUL-13
  242. National: Missouri. Back into wow/wog after years out of it
  243. National: Virginia - Virginia Beach
  244. Illinois Any one planning any sorties for this weekend in the IL/WI state line area.
  245. Baltimore-Washington Stand by for take off!
  246. Ohio: Ready for Duty - Greene County, Ohio
  247. Massachusetts Air Station Cape Cod reporting for duty.
  248. Illinois New guy around here
  249. Washington NHMGS Museum of Flight Game Day - 2 Nov 2013
  250. National: Rhode Island - First Rhody on the Site?