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  1. Modified Altitude Rules for DoWWII
  2. Two Seater Rear Gunner Blind Spot House Rule Suggestion
  3. Steep Climb, slight dive
  4. Yet another altitude variant
  5. Range
  6. Crew Wounded House Rule
  7. WWII House rules
  8. P-47 stats?
  9. A counter for the P-47...
  10. Zero and Wildcat fix
  11. Limited ammo
  12. Alternate 'Ace' Ability suggestions
  13. clouds
  14. Kombo Fink's House Rules
  15. Accuracy in damage tokens
  16. Fire, smoke and rudder jam simplified
  17. Macchi MC205V Veltro
  18. BAILOUT!!
  19. Downed Pilot/Crew
  20. Bf-110 maneuver deck
  21. The Hun in the Sun
  22. Alberto's House Rules
  23. Bomber Management Cards
  24. Alt/Climb rate calculations
  25. Fuel
  26. Wooden construction
  27. "...And All the Ships at Sea."
  28. Using DoW as a base for a more Modern Style game
  29. Altitude revisited
  30. Visual on target ??
  31. ww1 twin seaters
  32. Zero add
  33. Diving to extinguish fire
  34. P-36 Mohawk
  35. fight night
  36. Ambush, Spotting, etc
  37. TORPEDO STRIKE - possible Expansion for Wings of Glory: Rules - Targets - Weapons
  38. Idea: Using paratroopers in a Scenario
  39. TORPEDO ATTACK - Tutorial
  40. Solo rules?
  41. Bail Out Rules for Wings of War/Glory World War II
  42. Rules for conducting a “Taran” ramming attack with Soviet aircraft.
  43. Call me crazy... but... Dragons?
  44. Air plane set up and scenario generator versions 1.0
  45. Altitude v Climb counters
  46. Collisions (with no altitude)
  47. Cannon-armed-fighters
  48. Modified climb rules with 2 AARs
  49. Optional Advanced Solo Rules
  50. House rules for bailing out in Dawn of War
  51. Team playing rules for Wings of War World War II
  52. Boom'nd Zoom house rule (it's for WWI WoG, but may be addapted for WWII), worth watch
  53. Deflection shooting
  54. Altitude vs Performance - simple rules
  55. Pivot guns (vs fixed, turreted)
  56. Discouraging the unrealistic "Joust"
  57. Another take on Boom'N'Zoom
  58. Night-Fighting Rules -- hopefully simplified...
  59. Self-Sealing Tanks and Armour
  60. Ships: armament & destruction
  61. Concentration of guns bonus
  62. Comparing Planes to One Another for Scenarios
  63. Evasive maneuvers?
  64. Previews for my 5th AF campaign
  65. Blohm & Voss BV222 Wiking - Stats, Card etc
  66. New Decks for Slow Aircraft Added
  67. Formula for WGS climb rates and ceilings
  68. Using GCI to vary your game starting set-up
  69. Simplified Height Rules for WGS
  70. Energy Rules for WGS - First Draft
  71. Heavy Fighters - Immelmans in WGS
  72. WGS Maximum Altitudes and Climb Rates
  73. My Ship Rules From _Crimson Skies_ -- Possibly Useful Here?
  74. Unofficial Aircraft - Some thoughts
  75. Deflection Shooting - some thoughts.
  76. New WGS Ace Skill - Point Blank Fire
  77. Ship plan and side view links
  79. Air to Ship action House Rules.
  80. Bleriot XI two-seater stats
  81. Possible updates to the rules...
  82. Simplified Dive and Climb Rules
  83. Japanese timeline of planes
  84. Germany timeline of planes
  85. Soviet Union Timeline of planes
  86. Great Britain Timeline of planes
  87. miks House rules
  88. I need instructions
  89. Continious climb
  90. XS Deck for slower WGS bombers eg Catalina PBY
  91. Really large air battles
  92. transport planes
  93. Effect of armour and self-sealing tanks
  94. Richard Bradley's WWII solo rules.
  95. Schräge Musik
  96. Diving; A radical proposiotion; strawman
  97. WGS: Gladiator vs CR.42
  98. Bomber maneuver deck?
  99. Keith's bases.
  100. Mitsubishi A5M Claude
  101. Advanced Solo Charts for all decks except J and bombers
  102. Immelmanns, Split-s, half-loops and loops and solo games
  103. Criticize my house rules.
  104. 2nd Generation Experimental Solo Charts for WW2
  105. Torpdeo rule update
  106. Correctly Scaled Movement and Firing Rules
  107. realistic Climb/Dive and Bank
  108. One card planning vs two cards planning.
  109. Solo rules, one- or two-card planning.
  110. Shallow Diving
  111. Turning Wings of Glory into a Dice Rolling game...
  112. Wounded pilot house rule
  113. "Non-official" official plane cards with WoG layout
  114. Carrier firing arcs?
  115. Introducing a gun Jam Token
  116. Epiphany!!!
  117. Stats Committee Excel spreadsheet for WW2
  118. P-51B Mustang question
  119. Slow Aircaft Rules (without special cards needed)
  120. Our Night scenario rules
  121. FAST PLAY RULES - North Africa (Bombs, Torpedoes and AA)
  122. WGS: A companion for the Universal Solo Diceless Chart
  123. Adding More Altitude Variance to the Play (Pitch Chips)
  124. A touch of madness
  125. Attacking Ground Targets
  126. Hawker Fury Stats?
  127. WGS Unofficial aircraft list Version 1.0
  128. Appropriate Decks: Sturmovik? Fokker D XXI?
  129. Emily and Mavis Cards
  130. ME262 - how about using double maneuvers?
  131. Proxies?
  132. Dive Bombers
  133. Slow Decks (My interpretation of Zoe Brain's Rules)
  134. Douglas TBD-1 Devestator
  135. V-1 Doodlebug and chasing it (to the sound of Yakety Sax)
  136. Air to Ship new rules trial 2.
  137. Modifying Damage Based on the Target
  138. Looking for plane & management cards.
  139. Dornier Do-217 Stats? Anyone?
  140. Japanese Custom House Plane questions - including Rear arcs for HF base planes
  141. Discouraging suicide tactics
  142. Fixed (non-drop) External Fuel Tank Limitations?
  143. Prague Epiphany - The WW2 Solo Decks
  144. Vickers S Guns
  145. ZL, ZM and ZJ Decks fpr Pre-War Fighters
  146. Possible night fighter rules/scenario idea for 2 player cooperative?
  147. ME262 Schwalbe
  148. Unofficial planes generic cards
  149. Alternate Maneuver deck for BE2c
  150. WGS Mates?
  151. B-25 Mitchell firing arcs?
  152. Load Plan Mod and Ordnance Chips available in WWII files section
  153. Bail out house rules?
  154. Get your Mossie stats here
  155. Typhoons inbound
  156. Firing - some suggested changes
  157. Sacrilege and Heresy but .....
  158. Crimson Skies fun...
  159. Tojo Stats for your AiM planes
  160. Nick stats for your AiM planes
  161. DO.217 stats
  162. FW.200 Condor Stats
  163. Aircraft Variants and Equipment Cards
  164. Combat Glider rules and scenarios - Mission 1
  165. Avenger Maneuver Deck?
  166. Combat Glider rules and scenarios - Mission 2
  167. 262's movement rules
  168. Jet rules from the Akron Flight Black projects hanger
  169. Altitude House Rules
  170. Some ideas on Ace Skills
  171. Wings of War, WWII Conversion, "The Magnificent Kotobuki": Cards
  172. Ju-87 'Stuka' Variants
  173. Solo Rules "Wings of War - Fire from the Sky"?
  174. I Want a Bomber Experience but I Don't Want to be a Flying Target... House Rules
  175. Modified altitude rules
  176. Messerschmitt Bf.110 Blind Spot
  177. Night Fighting for WW2
  178. De Havilland Mosquito Stats
  179. Bristol Blenheim questions
  180. Unofficial Stats Notes
  181. Base dimensions from unofficial stats
  182. B17-D Gunnery Arcs
  183. Dornier 17 Bombing Runs
  184. Bf110 vs Spifire and Imelmann
  185. Unofficial aircraft corrections and additions
  186. WW2 House Rules WW2 AUTOPILOT FOR FIGHTERS - How do you use the charts?
  187. New planes for the V2 list
  188. Bombing Stats
  189. G4M1 Betty Arcs/Gunnery question
  190. Thoughts on Roll Rates
  191. 30 degree turn cards for the I deck
  192. Dornier 335a1
  193. Additional damage counters types?
  194. New and overhauled deck classification system
  195. Bad weather house rules?
  196. Feedback on Ammunition Rules
  197. Experimental STOL Rules
  198. Method to Place the AA Counter
  199. WGS Solo Tables?
  200. Aiming at Bomber Crew Members