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  1. A more mature game?
  2. Choose your side!
  3. What size gaming area do you use to play.
  4. Choose your war.
  5. Minis Or Cards?
  6. Altitude
  7. Control Cards
  8. Do you want to see only new minis, or repaints of existing minis?
  9. Who makes your Minis you fly...
  10. Squadron / Jasta decal sets from Wings of War Aerodrome
  11. Damage deck, Counters or another chance?
  12. Official playmats?
  13. Do you use the optional Pilot Wounded special damage?
  14. WWII: Which US Fighter would you most like to have as a miniature?
  15. WWII: Which German Fighter would you most like to have as a miniature?
  16. WWII: Which Japanese Fighter would you most like to have as a miniature?
  17. WWII: Which Britsh Fighter would you most like to have as a miniature?
  18. WWII: Which Britsh Bomber would you most like to have as a miniature?
  19. WWII: Which US Bomber would you most like to have as a miniature?
  20. WWII: Which German Bomber would you most like to have as a miniature?
  21. WWII: Which Japanese Bomber would you most like to have as a miniature?
  22. Which battlefield?
  23. WWII-A question of scale
  24. How do you buy your games?
  25. What Airfield do you sortie from?
  26. Feeding your addiction
  27. How much will you spend on a new game?
  28. Poll - Is history important?
  29. What is your favorite German fighter in the game (minis only)?
  30. What is your favorite Entente fighter in the game (minis only)?
  31. What is your favorite Entente two-seater in the game (minis only)?
  32. What is your favorite German two-seater in the game (minis only)?
  33. What is your favorite WW2 plane in the game?
  34. What series 4 (WW1) are you awaiting the most?
  35. What series 2 (WW2) are you awaiting the most?
  36. What upcoming product are you awaiting the most?
  37. If Aerodrome Accessories went large
  38. Dawn of War: What optional rules do you use?
  39. Tailing
  40. Where do you play?
  41. Series I paint schemes, which do you like best?
  42. Direction of Attacks
  43. WWI:Which late war fighter would you most like to have as a card and/or a miniature
  44. WWI:Which early war plane would you most like to have as card and/or miniature?
  45. What's your favorite German giant?
  46. What's your favorite Allied Giant?
  47. Deluxe Edition ver 1
  48. Which Australian Bomber/fighter with Australian marking would you like to see the mos
  49. Australian fighters in Australian markings
  50. How many miniatures do you own?
  51. Battle Size
  52. Ace of Aces
  53. Music Preference?
  54. how many plane's do u fly at one time
  55. hit and fix
  56. What type of sortie do you prefer
  57. Giant Bombers
  58. How many WOW items did you get for Christmas?
  59. Ohio Squadron Official Logo/Decal Poll (See first post for images please)
  60. WWI: What got you interested in WWI?
  61. Rain of Destruction
  62. What upcoming 2011 product are you awaiting the most?
  63. Aircraft Aspect Priority
  64. Series 1 Reprint replacements: SPAD XIII
  65. Series 1 Reprint replacements: Sopwith Camel
  66. Series 1 Reprint replacements: Albatross D.Va
  67. Series 1 Reprint replacements: Fokker DR.I
  68. Series 2 Reprint replacements: Fokker D.VII
  69. Series 2 Reprint replacements: Sopwith Snipe
  70. Series 2 Reprint replacements: Roland C.II
  71. Series 2 Reprint replacements: D.H. 4
  72. Series 3 Reprint replacements: Nieuport 17
  73. Series 3 Reprint replacements: Albatoros D.III
  74. Series 3 Reprint replacements: UFAG
  75. Series 3 Reprint replacements: R.E 8
  76. re-paints for re-release or unpainted mini's??
  77. The Col. Went "Crazy"
  78. What WW1 planes from Series 1 - 3 do you want to see deleated?
  79. Which is the best WWI Air-War movie?
  80. Which ACE skill would you take first?
  81. Camel or SE 5 which would you choose ?
  82. How many balloons?
  83. The Immelman and the half loop
  84. When was the best time to be a pilot?
  85. What type of scenario missions do you prefer?
  86. Who you woud bet on?
  87. Do you play with the explosion card in damage deck(s)?
  88. Do you use the Aim optional rule?
  89. Jasta 5 Decal Poll
  90. Dr.I decal sheets, Jasta 11 or Jasta Boelcke?
  91. 94th or 27th Aero Squadron decals?
  92. Shoot at the Real Thing?
  93. House Rules
  94. Do you play WoW or Dow with altitude rules?
  95. Do you play WoW or Dow with Fuel rules?
  96. Am I in range to fire?
  97. Compared to other war games about aerial/space warfare, I find WOW...
  98. Card rules vs mini rules
  99. Which WWII Series 3 minis will you be buying?
  100. How do you display your minis?
  101. What kind of avatar do you use?
  102. A question about polls
  103. Who plays without special damage?
  104. Do you fly a Handley Page 0/400?
  105. Do you fly a Zeppelin Staaken?
  106. What Aerodrome Accessories would you like to see next?
  107. Do you Play Advanced Fighter Pilot Wounded?
  108. The Aerodrome Bartender
  109. WWII: Should a new WOW manufacturer stick with 1/200 WWII miniatures, or go to 1/144
  110. Rockets or machineguns
  111. Why are some of us against repaints?
  112. How do you like your Shapeways minis?
  113. How many Shapeway minis do you own?
  114. Do you use two-Seaters for dogfights?
  115. What is your favorite miniature type to fly?
  116. What do you Fly when using multiple Aircraft?
  117. WWII: What is your favorite miniature type to fly?
  118. Ugliest bird in the WoW miniature family
  119. Wich and how much WWI bombers do you plan to buy?
  120. What Price for the new bombers?
  121. Optional rule "rear gun blind spot"
  122. What's your favourite number of planes to command?
  123. What is your Favourite WW1 Period?
  124. How many in your inventory of Great War aircraft? Not WW2, thats another poll
  125. Painting Poll
  126. Aircraft flown by Players
  127. Do you use the Event Calendar here on the site?
  128. Gun Jams as applied to SE5a's.
  129. POLL: How Many of Your Planes Are Still In The Hanger?
  130. Shapeways or Reviresco?
  131. Osprey Aces & Elite Aviation Unit Books?
  132. Which Aircraft models do you prefer
  133. What is the MAIN reason YOU play WoG?
  134. What is Your Favorite Period of History?
  135. Why do YOU fly for the side you chose?
  136. Shapeways Quality
  137. Mug Shots
  138. Should Ares Games produce the Cardgameversion of WoG, too?
  139. How Do You Use Flight Pegs?
  140. Do you use card sleeves?
  141. How does your collection break down by Nationality
  142. How much have you spent on WoW/WoG?
  143. Who adds SFX to their games?
  144. Which is your go to Osprey?
  145. AA guns
  146. Collisions
  147. Collision damage deck
  148. Just got whooped? vote here...
  149. Self Preservation
  150. Do you paint your game board or not?
  151. New WoG planes, which are you looking most forward to flying?
  152. Which WW1 WGF will you buy first?
  153. Battle of Arras.
  154. Painting contest subject restrictions?
  155. P-40 wanted
  156. Do you use altitude rules for bombing?
  157. Gotha or Caproni - what was your first aerial victory vs. the new Ares Games bombers?
  158. When is your DIY plane "perfect enough"?
  159. How do you take your 'Wings of Glory'?
  160. What was your first victory or defeat flying one of the new Ares Games bombers?
  161. WW II Painting contest
  162. What Next?
  163. Series 5 availability
  164. Aim bonus for WW II bombers
  165. Your Favourite Allied Pilot?
  166. Your Favourite Central Powers Pilots?
  167. What system is best: 3 cards WoW/WW1 or 2 Cards DoW/WW2
  168. How many Rockets?
  169. Next WWI Bomber release.
  170. Naval Aviation in the early days
  171. Do you buy your own Christmas presents?
  172. Did you get any Mins for Xmas
  173. Do You Repaint Those Minis?
  174. How many Nexus/Ares WWI minis do you have (including custom repaints)
  175. How many Nexus/Ares WWII minis do you have (including custom repaints)
  176. Consoles
  177. 1/144 plastic kits
  178. storage
  179. What geographical Area are you from?
  180. How many Shapeways Aircraft do you own NOW (in mid 2013)?
  181. How long was the longest game/campaign you've ever played
  182. Largest two-player Scenario played
  183. SND WWII?
  184. When do you feel WWII started?
  185. When do you feel WWII started?
  186. How long are you in service?
  187. Do you intend to get into Wings of Glory WW2 ?
  188. Which planes do you want to see on a T-shirt?
  189. New Smilies
  190. Why did they do it?
  191. E books or real books
  192. What is your favorite Pfalz aircraft of the Great War?
  193. The Stand - Frank Luke
  194. Favorite Red Baron Mini - Nexus or Ares?
  195. Do you play WOW / WOG with a gaming map?
  196. Subscription Poll
  197. Staaken/HP, to be or not to be? That is the question.
  198. Which is your favorite WGF scout to fly?
  199. NZ Dauntless
  200. Best US Network Television WW2 Drama Series
  201. How many miniatures do you own (Rebooted 2-JUN-14)
  202. WWI vs WWII
  203. What other conflicts would you like to see Wings of Glory depict?
  204. Flat mats or 3D gaming table?
  205. Your Favorite Nexus/Ares Belgian Plane?
  206. Ace Skills - Ares WGF
  207. Saturday Night Dogfight Revival?
  208. What Spanish Civil War Aircraft would you most want to see first?
  209. What kind of "Flight of the Giants" Kickstarter pledge level did you choose?
  210. Which Giant paint job will you choose?
  211. What missions would you like to attend on Prague Summer Con 2015
  212. How many of you use Ace Skills?
  213. How Many Hours Every Day Do You Spend On Aerodrome?
  214. Target Ships
  215. Custom Map Poll
  216. Do you leave the WWI played maneuvers on the console till the end of turn?
  217. Do you measure the shooting range from the peg of from the real center?
  218. WGF - If you got to pick ONE reprint?
  219. Requiem for a Gotha?
  220. WGF Reprint Nominations--SE5/5a Edition
  221. WGF Reprint Nominations--Everything But Series 4 & Balloon Busters Edition
  222. POLL: Should Troop Carrying Aircraft Be The Next Official WGS Development?
  223. For Australian members - Wings of Glory at Australian Gaming Conventions?
  224. WGS Pacific Kickstarter
  225. Sopwith 1...?
  226. How many of each type do you buy
  227. Wings of Glory Aerodrome Styles
  228. Deciding poll from the 'Help me name my new game store!' thread!
  229. What is Your Favorite Country to Fly For
  230. Most sought after WW1 Minis ?
  231. Most Sought After WW2 Minis ?
  232. What're Your Favourite Scouts for Future Series ?
  233. What're Your Favourite Two Seaters for Future Series ?
  234. What's Your Pick For Special or Giant Pack ?
  235. Strategy Hand Book
  236. Number of Planes Shot Down
  237. WGS mustang or focke wulf
  238. what is your play style
  239. what country would you rather fly for
  240. WGS BoB
  241. How do you choose what planes to fly for a game?
  242. How often do you get shot down?
  243. Skip Bombing
  244. A Movie, T.V. and Video Review Section.
  245. what WGF plane would you most like to fly
  246. Question About the Evolution of Avatar Choices
  247. Did You Apply Balloon Decals?
  248. over all best 2 seater
  249. Wings of Prague 2020 - Alternative Term Opinion Poll
  250. Favorite Fokker (D.VII)