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  1. Special Advanced Armaments
  2. A Nike missile destroys a B-17 bomber
  3. Future of A-10
  4. Royal Australian Navy Fleet Air Arm Museum, Nowra NSW
  5. Vulcan and Lightning
  6. USS Lexington - Corpus Christi, Texas
  7. US Navy - USSR dogfight in Korean War
  8. Why Britain Never Made Another Harrier Jump Jet.
  9. When Britain Nuked America........Twice!
  10. The War Game That Could Have Ended the World
  11. Help on the F15 Xerex 31 Colour scheme and identification
  12. CIA Plot to Steal Cold War Soviet Satellite
  13. mistake
  14. First Black Astronaut was in Cold War Spy Program
  15. Royce Williams, US Korean War Ace