Favorite pics of Antarctica

I typically deploy to Antarctica each year for work. A few of my favs, many with aviation themes.
  1. Sailing to Palmer Station on a perfectly calm day.
  2. Von Scharf in winter survival school. Going for the Shackleton look.
  3. Old Lockheed Constellation  being consumed by sea ice - no injuries in this landing.
  4. Emperor on  the skiway.
  5. Antarctic road system
  6. How we fly on a C-17
  7. Mt. Erebus with SAR team in foreground
  8. Breaking sea ice through the night. Must avoid icebergs as we are only ice "hardened"
  9. The Drake Passage on a research boat... on a good day.
  10. The USCG Polar Star breaking ice near McMurdo Station. View from my office window!
  11. A pic from the USCG Polar Star... random penguin molting on an ice berg
  12. Von Scharf at the southern most penguin rookery in the world. There to install WiFi!
  13. C-17 on the ice in the early season. Stays on the ice long enough to unload and load then turns back for Christchurch, NZ
  14. Visiting Big Razorback glacier
  15. Von Scharf staying warm
  16. 3 weeks of sunrise before summer
  17. C-17 on blue ice runway in front of Mt. Erebus
  18. Trio of LC-130's.  They have skis.
  19. How we get to South Pole
  20. My ride home. Poor minimums... it's a harsh continent
  21. At the geographic South Pole. 9,300 ft in elevation.
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