Albatros D1

Another Shapeways model, this time designed by Kampfflieger. The colours are taken from a Windsock file - "Albatros D.I/D.II" by P M Grosz. It has a colour illustration and a couple of original photos of this particular machine. Reportedly flown by LeutnantSpitzhoff of Jasta 5 (I haven't researched him further yet). The model was given the usual three coats of PVA / water mix (3:1), with each coat allowed 24 hrs to dry before further application. The decals are from the Aerodrome Store run by Keith Upton, here on the drome :) That's with the exception of the aircraft number "D435/16 (the "/16" not shown on the model) which are my own and the personal markings for the pilot which are hand painted in white with the dark line "pencilled" in (because I do not have the equipment to print my own "white" decals - One day perhaps :)
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