Pfalz EI

This model was the creation of Colinwe/wow and purchased from Shapeways. It was produced in their "Smooth Fine Detail Plastic" and was unavailable in any alternative material, at the time of writing. More brittle than the "White Natural Versatile Plastic", so I shall have to be careful when using it. But the finish allows for easier painting and virtually no preparation.
I'd like to think that the colour and markings come close to aircraft used in the middle eastern theatre, during WW1 but I have no way of verifyng that at present. Similar to the EII, with the exception of the engine, I shall use this against Bristol scout or BE2C opponents :)
  1. Pfalz EI 6
  2. Pfalz EI 5
  3. Pfalz EI 2
  4. Pfalz EI 1
  5. Pfalz EI 4
  6. Pfalz EI 3
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