Shuttle Endeavour Close Out

The 2012 de-milling of OV-105 Endeavour.
  1. Scribble and Tiki standing in front of the OPF2 information board.
  2. Main Gear.
  3. Boxing stuff up to take away.
  4. Support for one of the cargo doors.
  5. Purging systems.
  6. Access port under the starboard OMS pod.
  7. Close up of the access port.
  8. Cargo bay shot looking forward.
  9. Close up shot of the forward bay's bulkhead with crew transfer tunnel.
  10. Rear shot of the inner workings behind the main engines. Engines (J2X) were removed and reused for other applications.  Fake bells are now in place.
  11. Scribble and Tiki in front of a full shot of the rear engine area of the shuttle.
  12. Commander's station.
  13. Pilot's station.
  14. Open hatch on the mid-deck for the crew transfer tunnel.
  15. Forward windows for the Commander and Pilot.
  16. Forward panel between Commander and Pilot.
  17. Floor console between crew stations.
  18. Aft crew station.
  19. Hatch from flight-deck to mid-deck. Note, the padding isn't usually there.
  20. Family shot in front of the siide hatch.  All visitor's got to sign the access way before close-out.
  21. Forward reaction control system nozzles.
  22. Endeavour.
  23. Close up shot of the aft bulk head in the cargo bay.
  24. Front bulk head.
  25. Long shot of the cargo bay.
  26. Port wing.
  27. Interior shot (under the skin)
  28. Long shot looking forward. The nose gear is on a stand the keep the orbiter level.
  29. Transport tail cone stored in the VAB.
  30. Interior shot of the tail cone.
  31. Looking up in the low bay in the VAB.  The yellow bits are the cranes.
  32. A crawler in the VAB undergoing refurb.
  33. Another crawler shot.
  34. The names on the wall represent the thousands of people that worked on the shuttle system to make it a reality.  It is now covered by a large piece...
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