Pensacola Naval Air Museum WWI

Photos from 2015 of the WWI artifacts and exhibits.
  1. Looking down on the WWI diorama.
  2. The Museum's example of the Fokker D.VII is a replica aircraft constructed using some original parts by Dr. Stan Morel of Arlington, Texas, who...
  3. Flight deck of the "Snow Bird".
  4. From this cockpit removed from the control car of the ZPG-2 airship "Snow Bird," Commander Jack R. Hunt commanded a crew that flew into history...
  5. DSC 8114
  6. Flight deck of the "Snow Bird".
  7. Flight deck of the "Snow Bird".
  8. Explanation of the Zep ladder.  
"...sometime during 1941 - 1945 someone made a concentrated effort to scratch off "Made in...
  9. Zeppelin ladder.
  10. $1 Airplane rides!
  11. Sopwith Camel.  And yes, that is Snoopy in the cockpit!
  12. DSC 8041
  13. Jenny cut-away.
  14. The type aircraft used by American ace Eddie Rickenbacker, the Nieuport 28 may not have been the most famous French fighter, but it was a capable...
  15. Water cooled .30 cal.
  16. A World War I era Dodge ambulance—the donor of which actually drove it to the Museum—gives the appearance of having slogged through the muddy,...
  17. "WWI" front line squadron bar.
  18. Messenger pigeon squadron.
  19. Maintenance shack.
  20. Fokker DVII wing fabric brought home by an airman.
  21. Fokker DVIII wing explanation.
  22. Caption
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