origins 2019 sat 3-5 zeppelin

run by pete (teaticket) it was great fun!
  1. DSCF3153 i was blessed to be able to fly the zeppelin for petes scenario. it was quite a bit more fun then i anticipated. no doubt to all the good...
  2. DSCF3154 thomas (redcoon2) with ares lovely little hits for our addiction in the background!!!
  3. DSCF3155 as always seems to be the case at origins, the lineup is a mix of new and old faces.
  4. DSCF3157
  5. DSCF3158
  6. DSCF3159 pete preparing his notes while glen looks on
  7. DSCF3160 already an escort burns. jokes were made as to the low hanging placement of said flame effects that i shant repeat here as they are best...
  8. DSCF3161
  9. DSCF3162 a gondola eye view of the attackers
  10. DSCF3163 glen looks serious.
  11. DSCF3164 the zeppelin begins to smoke. will it survive to the end?
  12. DSCF3165
  13. DSCF3166 a spad tries a head on run
  14. such a target rich environment!
  15. DSCF3168
  16. DSCF3169
  17. DSCF3170 the attackers pine for a weak spot in the mighty zeppelins defenses.
  18. this particular patch of air gets thick with aircraft
  19. DSCF3172 the attackers draw 1st blood
  20. DSCF3173 the welsh dragon (debra) completes a run under the zeppelin
  21. DSCF3174
  22. DSCF3175 the zeppelin draws its 1st blood with a boom card to a sopwith tripe. yes, i can occasionally deal out the boom card as well as receive!
  23. DSCF3176 and yet another attacker feels the sting of the mighty zeppelin as another boom card is dealt! i feel your pain john, i really do.
  24. DSCF3177
  25. DSCF3178 the albatros' low hanging fire was the merriment to all at this end of the table lol
  26. DSCF3179
  27. DSCF3180
  28. DSCF3182 and a spad falls prey to both the zeppelins and escorts guns.
  29. DSCF3183 and the welsh dragon falls with yet another boom card dealt. could it be that my boom card curse is finally lifted?
  30. DSCF3184 the zeppelin is now burning. luckily for me a i had a crack engineering staff that, save for one cell explosion, kept fires put out before...
  31. DSCF3185
  32. DSCF3186
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