origins 2019 sat 10-12 for the czar

run by jim (rhodie80)
  1. for this one i was lucky enough to fly ilya muromets #3, a particular favorite of mine. now all i need to do is acquire one lol!
  2. glen (glen2112), friend, and john look excited to be flying for the czar. a round (or 3) of vodka for everyone!
  3. dave (caveman) looks happier then his sluggish mount warrants! ah the sacrifices we make for the czar!!! fly to glory tovarich!!! bob (bobsalt) can...
  4. pete (teaticket) appropriately attired sits in the corner next to his lovely wife debra.
  5. DSCF3135 jim (rhodie80) explains a finer point of the scenario.
  6. an enthusiastic young pilot maneuvers his aircraft
  7. the muromets approach their opposition.
  8. one of the russian escort fighters (s-16?) draws a boom card (and another one is dodged by me! whew)
  9. petes roland tears through the bomber formation
  10. DSCF3141 another russian defender falls to a fickle fate. oh well, at least he wasnt a one hit wonder (ill just see myself out folks)
  11. DSCF3142 as per usual when i fly a mutli gun aircraft, at some point all guns are jammed simultaneously.  ill have to have a long talk wiht my...
  12. yet another russian escort falls, this time to a rolands guns.
  13. DSCF3144
  14. DSCF3145  a closeup of the lovely ilya muromets i had the honor of flying whilst its virtual card is out in an overlap.
  15. DSCF3146 a front view (muromets porn as it were)
  16. yet another boom card dodged!!!
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