origins 2019 fri 8-10 whatever floats your flying boat

run by myself (milcoll73)
  1. DSCF3113 the austrian forces (pete [teaticket] his wife debra, and another) discussing tactics prior to starting their mission. and their mission? to...
  2. bob (bobsalt) whom was once again, a great help conducting my scenario. THANKS AGAIN BOB!!!
  3. DSCF3115 the italian flying boats. whats that i spy in the lower left, flak bursts?
  4. DSCF3116 the object of everyones attention, the falco de milenio. what could be its mission to drive it so fast up the adriatic?
  5. pete seems particularly excited about his mission.
  6. DSCF3118 a fray develops as the falco deftly dodges an austrian torpedo.
  7. DSCF3119
  8. DSCF3120 flak bursts bracket a hapless austrian albatros whilst another launches another torpedo at the falco. will she be able to turn in time?
  9. DSCF3121 caught in a duel flak burst, the austrian albatros can fly no more.
  10. DSCF3122
  11. DSCF3123 how could one fail outfitted in so sartorial a manner?
  12. DSCF3124 an austrian boat falls to a boom card whilst an italian one smokes chasing an austrian attacker.
  13. DSCF3125 a flak burst rattles but just misses damaging the austrian ufag bomber as it approaches the falco de milenio.
  14. DSCF3126 austrian bombs find their mark sinking the falco de milenio thus fulfilling the austrians quest and ending my scenario. or does it? it will...
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