origins 2019 fri 1-3 battle of britian furball

run by jim
  1. DSCF3071 randon pic of the battlestar galactica event going on at the same time. props to the guy in the colonial viper jacket. i wanted one of these...
  2. DSCF3072 i decided to try something different as id never flown a ww2 2 seater in a large origins scenario. it was fun.
  3. DSCF3073 part of the allied lineup. debra, a new face ironically wear a german coat, pete (teaticket), and bob (bobsalt)
  4. DSCF3074 part of the axis line up. dave (caveman) readies his me 109 for battle over british airspace.
  5. DSCF3075
  6. DSCF3076 another allied pilot seems pleased with his spirited spitfire.
  7. DSCF3077 i get a long range shot at a spitfire who returns fire.
  8. axis pilots planning their moves.
  9. DSCF3079 bob preparing to take a picture of the action
  10. DSCF3080
  11. DSCF3081 an me 109 succumbs to british fire
  12. DSCF3082
  13. so close, so close, and yet so far...
  14. this time it really is close!
  15. his engine starts to smoke
  16. i share a kill with a wingman
  17. fire and smoke as the battle of britian rages on.
  18. i share another kill with a wingman.
  19. i survived the scenario with but 2 hit points left!!!
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