origins 2019 thur 8-10 bombing the reich: maximum effort

run by myself (milcoll73). and a big thank you to bob (bobsalt) who helped out and provided one of the handley pages!!!
  1. awkward gm selfie
  2. some new faces, and some familiar (pete [teaticket] and his lovely wife debra] hiding out in the corner)
  3. DSCF3034 its always nice to see smiling faces across the table
  4. DSCF3035 karl (jager) and glen (glen2112) occupy the corner. if anyone knows the names of anyone else in these pics feel free to chime in.
  5. DSCF3036 bob hamilton (bobsalt) who provided one of the giant handley pages and helped me out immensely with conducting my scenario. lets have a...
  6. and another pilot hit! this poor fellow, everything that could happen, did happen, fire, smoke, boom card etc. at one point in the scenario, i was...
  7. DSCF3044
  8. DSCF3045 after taking one big hit after another the 1st giant falls from the skies.
  9. quite a cluster .... indeed!
  10. DSCF3047 the caproni falls. all the bombers throughout the run got absolutely hammered.
  11. DSCF3048 john is pumped to claim a kill!!!
  12. DSCF3049 both the remaining bomber and one of its attackers receive the dreaded boom card pusillanimously.  (which im sure shocks no one lol)
  13. DSCF3050 and the final bomber takes the plunge!
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