origins 2019 thur 1-4 guadalcanal

run by pete (teaticket)
  1. my zero nose to nose with wildcat
  2. DSCF3017 karl (jager) bob (bobsalt) pete (teaticket) and glenn (jago85) amongst others
  3. dave (caveman) gives a thunbs up
  4. its quite a fray as a japanese bomber lines up on henderson field.
  5. DSCF3024
  6. DSCF3025
  7. a bomber and a wildcat fall
  8. DSCF3027
  9. DSCF3028 another jap bomber falls
  10. 2 more wildcats fall as another and a zero burn
  11. DSCF3031 i bank into the fray as yet another bomber falls.
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