origins 2019 wed 12-3 "rnas to the rescue"

run by matt (matt56)
  1. DSCF2895 
im in the halberstadt on the left. i think its red 2
  2. DSCF2896 
many familiar faces and some new faces.
  3. DSCF2897
  4. DSCF2898 
redcoon is in da house
  5. DSCF2899 
matt explains a fine point of the game.
  6. DSCF2900 
bob hamilton (bobsalt) looks like hes enjoying himself.
  7. DSCF2901
  8. DSCF2902
  9. DSCF2903
  10. DSCF2904 
well, at least i wasnt the 1st to get the dreaded boom card this year.
  11. i close in for the attack
  12. DSCF2906 
it seems as if players had fun!
  13. DSCF2907
  14. DSCF2909 
jim (rhodie 80) looks happy as usual.
  15. DSCF2910
  16. DSCF2911 
well, we all knew this was coming...
  17. DSCF2912
  18. DSCF2913 
oh no! not again!
  19. DSCF2914 
misery loves company? (my wingman bobsalt also caught some boom card love)
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