No fighter conceived by an Italian factory saw service during WW1 (some Hanriot HD.1 and Nieuport were made by Macchi under license).

But the Ansaldo SVA 5 (single seater) and the SVA 10 (two seater) could be an opportunity to get an Italian plane that is not a fighter but was designed to be a fighter :

“Originally conceived as a fighter, the SVA was found inadequate for that role. Nevertheless, its impressive speed, range and operational ceiling, with its top speed making it one of the fastest of all Allied combat aircraft in World War I, gave it the right properties to be an excellent reconnaissance aircraft and even light bomber.”

“The Flight over Vienna propaganda flight, inspired by Italian nationalist and poet Gabriele d'Annunzio, consisting of an eleven plane flight of various models of Ansaldo SVA-series biplanes, was carried out on 9 August 1918 by the 87th Squadriglia La Serenissima from San Pelagio. At least two of the aircraft were twin-seater SVA 9 or 10s to accommodate d'Annunzio himself for the flight he inspired, while the remainder were SVA 5 single-seaters.*“

“It has been claimed that reconnaissance performed by the type had been vital in the preparation of a major offensive, which included the decisive Italian victory at the Battle of Vittorio Veneto. During this final major clash, SVAs also intervened directly against hostile ground units, performing strafing and bombing runs against troop concentrations, communication centers, depots, railway infrastructure, and airfields.”

Source : The S.V.A. (Ansaldo) Scouts - Profile Publications Number 61. Surrey, UK: Profile Publications Ltd

Ansaldo SVA were also involved in air combat and some Italian pilots were credited with victories :

Strategic reconnaissance unit, 5a Sezione SVA
“On 14 May 1918 out of 5 Ansaldo S.V.A. single-seater in Fossalunga the 5th SVA Section was born ../.. On 8 June, the Lieutenant Ace of the Aviation Michele Allasia arrives and on 15 June Sergeant Giulio Bellaria obtains a victory over Conegliano and Allasia over Collalbrigo ../.. The unit has 3 SVA 3 bis, one SVA 5, one SVA 9 and 3 SVA 4.” (Google translation)

Italian pilot Michele Allasia
“On 8 June 1918, he transferred to the newly formed strategic reconnaissance unit, 5a Sezione SVA. A week later, he shot down a two-seater for his fourth triumph. On the 23rd, he shot down another enemy airplane.”

Austrian pilot shot down by SVA :
On Albatros D.III 153.189, Flik 68/J Offzstv. Emanuel Stumpa , 3 victories, shot down on 14.5.1918 above the Montello after a fight with 2 SVA when he was trying to protect a reconnaissance aircraft.

Austrian victories facing SVA :
“On 12 March, flying Albatros D.III (153.106), Gräser brought an Ansaldo SVA-5 single seat reconnaissance plane down in flames near Monastier dinTreviso as his 16th kill. On the same day he shot down another SVA-5, but no confirmation possible. On 16 March, he collaborated with Strohschneider in bringing down an SVA-5 near Casonetti.”

Versions 5, 9 and 10 have the same wingspan and length : 29,855 ft (9,1 m) / 26,575 ft (8,1 m)
(picture below : The S.V.A. (Ansaldo) Scouts - Profile Publications Number 61. Surrey, UK: Profile Publications Ltd)

In the more recent Windsock Datafile 40 and 122 (SVA-5 , SVA-9/SVA-10 author Gregory Alegi), SVA-10 with SPA engine has a little larger wingspan 30,314 ft (9,24 m).

According to the equal wingspan and length specifications, if Ares would plan to edit the single seater Ansaldo SVA 5, a two seater SVA 10 could be produced in the same serie, fitting in the same box size.
Just as the ARES Sopwith Strutter has been edited in both two seater and single seater versions.

But the Ansaldo SVA 5 and SVA 10 shouldn’t be edited in a two seater packaging :
Here are a comparison pictures with a 1/144 scale SVA templemate over 3 of the largest fighter miniatures and the smallest two seater miniature.

Wingspan / Length
Ansaldo SVA-5 or SVA-10 : 9,1 m (29,855 ft) / 8,1 m (26,575 ft)
Phonix D.I : 9,9 m (32 ft) / 6,6 m (22 ft)
Pfalz D.III : 9.4 m (30 ft 10 in) / 6.95 m (22 ft 10 in)
Halberstadt D.II : 8,8 m (28,9 ft) / 7,3 m (24 ft)
Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter (two seater) : 10,2 m (33 ft) / 7,7 m (25 ft)

It shows that a SVA two seater version could fit in a fighter box.
Who would purchase a two seater miniature which wingspan is smaller than the largest wingspan miniature (Phönix D.I) at a two seater price ?

I’d like to get Ansaldo SVA.5 and SVA.10 miniatures, with its beautiful streamlined fuselage and shiny camo paintings.
Its use in various missions (as described above) can bring interesting ideas of historical scenarios.

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