Historical sources for the WOG RAF SE.5a.

The initial models of the S.E.5a differed from late production examples of the S.E.5 only in the type of engine installed – a geared 200*hp Hispano-Suiza 8b, often turning a large clockwise-rotation four-bladed propeller, replacing the 150*hp H.S. 8A model.

Beauchamp-Proctor's former wingman, "Child Yank" Boudwin (center) with 25th Aero Squadron groundcrew, and his last S.E. 5a, F8010.

The introduction of the 200*hp (149*kW) Wolseley Viper, a high-compression, direct-drive version of the Hispano-Suiza 8a made under licence by Wolseley Motors Limited, solved the S.E.5a's engine problems and was promptly adopted as the type's standard powerplant.

  1. 4FCF0FE3 CC9A 40C0 93EA F842061EED3B
  2. C4B07781 B05C 4435 A93C 253B8A2490FA
  3. CDC778AE BDEA 495A B357 629412137C7D
  4. E49DD4AE BCB4 47F0 82E3 4D36B5DC7B80
  5. 6AE28BD1 1135 4F98 93EF A3E11CF49CF0
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