An exclusive scenario imagined by Absurdbanipal :
On the blue waves of the Pacific, a lifeboat drifts with an unidentified pilot, each side having lost several aircraft in the previous days in this area.
Two rescue missions arrive on the scene together : the Japanese camp (Absurdbanipal) is composed of a single-engine Nakajima A6M2 Rufe seaplane (identical armament to the Zero, without a rear machine gun) and a Mitsubishi A6M2 Zeke, while the American camp (Monse) is composed of a Consolidated Catalina seaplane escorted by a Grumman F4F Wildcat fighter.
To recover the wrecked pilot, a seaplane must land as close as possible to the canoe (landing sequence from altitude 1 in three maneuver cards : Descent - Right Line - Stall), then wait 3 turns before putting a canoe overboard (materialized by a counter) and move this counter forward each turn by a distance corresponding to the diameter of this counter. The first rescuer to reach the castaway's boat wins the game.
The two seaplanes are beautifully painted Shapeways Armament In Miniatures by Absurdbanipal, as are the two sea mats.
The two camps start face to face at altitude 4 on the first mat, the lifeboat is placed in the center of the second mat.
Complete AAR :
  1. 8FE4A1B1 6CA6 4D60 99D6 4599EA654688
  2. EC62D139 717F 493A 8D83 B01607CED5D8
  3. 3631120D C3AC 4AB8 9D21 428C34F7A8E3
  4. 2D65925E 7296 461B 9D0A D6FD9999F7BC
  5. CD39CAA3 243E 41B8 8023 4BE1ED8DF21B
  6. 958194AD A143 4448 88E5 33FEEC512E18
  7. 6638634F C2AA 4D60 B8FE 613A3E927477
  8. F6BB9F95 718D 4FC9 B8E2 A7BBAD73B58A
  9. 38023B3A A55E 4A2C 8E3C 905C0827E257
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