BELGIAN MISSION 1918 : take the picture !

On the Belgian side, a two-seater RAF RE.8, escorted by a Sopwith Camel, is in charge of a photographic reconnaissance over the cabaret "Chez Lulu", to try to bring back a picture of a group of Teutonic dancers. With Tiopepe at the controls.
An Albatros D.Va and a Pfalz D.IIIa are dispatched over the All Woman's Land, under the direction of Monse.

Complete AAR :!-(part-1-part-2)
  1. 2BEC4044 6464 4729 B070 6E20D7A1B6DB
  2. BA4D5C5C 7266 4B4A 9DA2 12B873346963
  3. 53D9C161 5C46 46D6 B188 FBF968815437
  4. 148A8781 EFE5 4C38 BC42 7D0FE85D0AEF
  5. C2FF9EDE 4413 4C00 AF2E B89BF64790F0
  6. BF7A504A 4ED8 4061 B431 561F6D293E39
  7. 25C76C13 3946 460A BEDE 26DCB40AE91C
  8. 2A6DFA32 DE6D 4A41 884F 8B8BDCDD94EA
  9. 0F17FC00 6CD8 40D6 B7A2 44B61B58FC68
  10. 3FB292CD 014D 4C32 AADB 0D77D11BEFD1
  11. ACECF30A 14F2 489F 90D9 2ECC426AA1FF
  12. 273E5B58 E54F 416C AE4C D0114F19A6EF
  13. 7171DDD5 B46D 43E0 A02C 61CA4A31ADEB
  14. F9F7BFCB 5303 419C 9CB7 2330A3EC1D57
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