A Windsock mini Datafile n#5, that is rather short with few details concerning the operational history of this plane during WW1, as it was rapidly grounded after one month of operational use and a few structural accidents.
As usual in Windsock Datafile publications, it contains detailed 3 views profiles and good quality black and white photographs and pictures.
A comparative technical and performance chart help to compare the Morane AI to contemporary fighters.
Nevertheless, it gives interesting information about the tricky reason why the English force didn’t order it (a report failed to mention it was a single seat fighter and English had bad memorie of the MS type N, I, V and AC versions !).
Despite the lack of operational information, I think it is worth reading it to have better knowledge of this not well known scout that could have achieved a great role during the war stopped by two accidents that led to its grounding and related it for training purpose.

Free Downloading from this link :
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