Vincenzo AULETTA art work

Vincenzo AULETTA is the illustrator of Wings of War and Wings of Glory boxes covers.
  1. C7C5CD14 07F8 4F5E B76C C173E789B468
  2. 8D9B0483 5618 486A 924B F70D353C2109
  3. 32A80CAF F37F 415B B8AA 4548F9833694
  4. E9EF0E91 1221 476A BE31 BDB97B3BADEE
  5. DF732C21 EFAB 42AC AF6C 50C75CB2EE41
  6. CB80C644 31FA 4C25 AC1E 05144F0B3198
  7. 488BEF5C 0D6B 4FA1 A3F9 2A9CC4B4C462
  8. A2A10F91 5C2D 4520 8A4D CBC4F343A823
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