WW1 Planes Profiles Cards (DOGFIGHT card game)

Beautiful WW1 Planes Profiles Cards included in the DOGFIGHT card game.
Planes are presented in this album in alphabetical order by their name, Central Powers then Alliance.
The game is not really interesting but the esthetic of the card is great.
An issue on the black and white zebra Fokker D.VII, notified Fokker E.V (easy to correct with a pen).
  1. A047B74F BB01 4A7F 9216 6F99800A508C
  2. F4D449A6 69EE 4218 91A9 7802703BED39
  3. 608B24CA AD7C 44E5 BEB1 51A5269B0D35
  4. 63271663 87EC 45B8 A778 EE2953982C6B
  5. 588D1F3D 956C 4DC4 BFCB 1D70F1FDB182
  6. F8B91E1C 5DD2 48FC BF29 23D17AE483BB
  7. D6855845 56F9 4D3C A44C BD46625B867B
  8. 87DD941D 6145 42FA A306 253D5372F0D8
  9. 4E53FD0C DA6A 48F1 970F E795105069F6
  10. 50F16F91 E6A7 41C3 B0C9 4D57C8CDAEC4
  11. 8F24E288 A48D 41AD B98B 4F4AF4205C58
  12. CF520ED3 6A23 48CE AA68 4AAEEF4D1C53
  13. 6738D320 780C 4410 A098 C72613E3403D
  14. 55E47491 981A 4844 9BB1 BAC312FCC4A4
  15. 992DC46E C334 4194 B4B1 27853757640E
  16. 48BF624E EA30 4066 9A2C 84FDFA29857E
  17. 065F17D8 0454 4586 BEFE D33D1AF55DDA
  18. 9A330330 49E5 428E B251 7A7960200FB3
  19. BD0F3417 5B42 4F64 B191 98DB476425D1
  20. 5A11ECAF 9F0E 41CE 803E 30C2D04D8106
  21. C23AB422 5B14 4CDC 96E2 A30FF6D18E8F
  22. 506A79BB 9EB8 4183 BA9D D215F8049DCA
  23. A1D75EB8 101A 4083 B6A9 8C32FAD4D249
  24. 5CEFC202 1A42 4B5B 98D2 BC322FD59383
  25. B852A6C2 269C 4E4D B6B9 B2B21B0212C0
  26. 033F92AA BADB 4C96 9AB2 B06BB36BA2AB
  27. B79830B0 65BE 4B7F B786 8D2594B5BE8E
  28. 3BC4F46D 6F6B 41BF AF03 DB489810EBF6
  29. 24AEC508 5A91 43BE 8333 9F71ED41D9D4
  30. C59CF689 148C 4446 ABE0 FDD69278868E
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