A fight at the end of WW2 : a Messerschmitt Bf.109K and a Focke-Wulf FW.190 D (played by Goago) facing a Spitfire Mk.IX and a Thunderbolt P.47 (played by Monse).
Advanced rules for altitude and speed (speed markers : high, low, 2 neutral).

Complete AAR : https://www.wingsofwar.org/forums/showthread.php?33630-March-1945-FW-190D-Bf-109K-vs-P-47-Thunderbolt-Spitfire-Mk-IX&p=542295#post542295
  1. 126DE50B A8D4 4D39 ABD0 9B16813D5FF7
  2. 757EAFF4 D875 43B3 9FC6 178F45613F06
  3. C9714014 F144 416B 8972 CB87E2523691
  4. 5BC7D0CB FD51 4C2F A1D7 155A2B7277E0
  5. 56C85F0C E9E2 47A5 987B ADBAB1ECBF5A
  6. 08E05A8A 28FD 466D A355 A503D4309360
  7. 9D2089D0 18BD 47A3 A617 75E20133E88F
  8. 807A068E 0893 493F A89D 1B0744FF0701
  9. 89902644 F36E 4048 BF7B 9B35F2F2737E
  10. 1EA18AA3 39DD 4906 ACCC CAFE21131067
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