To commemorate the end of World War One, here is a display of the last aerial victories that took place the 10th November 1918, according to this article of THE AERODROME :

The last RAF claims were made at 15:45 on 10 November by Lt J Baalman, Lt E G Davies and Lt H B Oldham on No 29 Squadron, each claiming a Fokker DVII crashed in the vicinity of Moorleghem.

USAS - Maj M Kirby, 94th Squadron, a Fokker DVII destroyed at 10:50 on 10 November.

Belgian - Capt F M L Jacquet and Lt M A E J G G M de Crombrugghe de Looringhe of the 9me Escadrille, a two-seater east of Ghent at 09:00 on 6 November.

French - Sgt J A Connelly and MdL J Morvan of Spa 163, each claiming a Fokker DVII destroyed at 12:15 on 4 November.

German claims on 10 November - Ltn Hans von Freden of Jasta 50, a Bristol Fighter (no time) and OffStllv Friedrich Altemeier of Jasta 24, an RE8 at 09:50 (British time) over Solre.
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