D-DAY June 6 1944

A game played on June 6 2020, honouring the D-Day.
A Republic P.51 Thunderbolt and a Spitfire Mk.IX (played by Absurdbanipal) must protect 4 landing crafts towards the beach (cards moved automatically every turn by their length. They can fire with A damage, resistance of 8).
A Focke-Wulf FW.190D (played by Spad VII) and a Messerschmitt Bf.109K (played by Monse) must prevent the assault.
Two antiaircraft guns are placed at each side of the beach.
Historically, these two German planes appear in late 1944. So the Bf.109K is played producing CCC damage at close range instead of CCD.
The two game mats are hand made. The coast one shows Dieppe harbour (mat used for a previous game August 1942 Dieppe landing).
Complete AAR : https://www.wingsofwar.org/forums/showthread.php?33008-D-DAY
  1. BEF55D66 367E 4B70 9E45 ECE71510FC14
  2. F57E3A55 6A6B 4858 BBDB 44ED95C3531E
  3. DEB7F845 08BB 4577 9F81 FCAEA29BDF13
  4. D7FB6A21 472B 4B02 AE88 CD1AFB0EF32A
  5. A6CFDD90 E3CF 491D B51B A84961DD10CD
  6. 379AA638 CE8B 40AC 92B3 54DFE8C79539
  7. 18F95A57 4B27 4C46 B08B 30EA708B1BB2
  8. AE0FBFA5 C6A1 4B07 A46E 6A878D7F4C54
  9. 73758AFB C1E8 4FF2 9C0F A81D81503D56
  10. 5DF0F969 F489 44CE 8FB4 60145ED43F31
  11. AFDED0D3 6E0F 4637 928E EC33CA44D4AA
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