A Stuka (piloted by Monse) with a single bomb load and escorted by a Bf.109 (piloted by Yas) must destroy a fuel storage near a city.
A Belgian Hurricane and a french Dewoitine D.520 (both piloted by Stan95) must intercept them.
Complete AAR :
  1. 0BB9D494 3678 401C 9FC7 403BCE693522
  2. 7C295549 3887 4F96 B037 2A73F88C9C28
  3. 37E7A0FC 30B2 4855 A491 2F5CF404C2DC
  4. 7AD55213 EB44 4DE6 870C 195A38282734
  5. 79AE7713 C8FD 4591 AE86 B055F5220894
  6. 7E0DE0F7 218D 4248 A4BD 934CE4D343C6
  7. FD26B5D3 984F 4E65 B489 2B29513CB9ED
  8. A59E0C69 273F 4F36 904E 0E14FE6F0022
  9. 6F617647 BE3D 4002 B258 D32BFBB21239
  10. 6E6C5E94 7AB9 42CD BCB0 5BDCEC0DBF4C
  11. A8B55B86 4825 4927 B282 AB26AC667233
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