SPAD XIII - Léon BOURJADE - escadrille SPA 152
Léon BOURJADE is the 7th French Ace and the 2nd Balloon Buster Ace (after belgium Coppens).
28 victories (27 balloons + 1 Fokker D.VII)
This mystic pilot is devoted to a french religious woman Sainte Therese de Lisieux.
His mechanic has fixed a Sacré-Coeur banner streaming from his headrest and a Sainte Theres’s portrayal under the cockpit.
Plane card made by Sir_erickson
  1. 3DD285FE 1C85 46A1 A187 978D7E6ED2BD
  2. 0B6D9EBA E5DB 43C5 8894 0F16EA54D59D
  3. 5FC0F84E 589C 456C A4EA 4AD1674EA155
  4. 504F3BC1 0935 4BC7 9C14 CADA7790A62C
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