TURKENKREUZ - Mission May 19th 1918 - London

Bombing mission over London (3 targets fully destroyed).
2 mats (Country + City)
Gotha G.V (downed)
Zeppelin Staaken (downed)
RAF SE5a (downed)
2 x Bristol F2b Fighter (downed)
2 AA gun

Campaign can be downloaded from my profile page - Files section - TURKENKREUZ
AAR of the mission : https://www.wingsofwar.org/forums/showthread.php?29347-TURKENKREUZ-German-bombing-campaign-over-England-1917-1918
  1. Scramble !
  2. First shoots. 
Gotha’s rear gun is jammed.
  3. Both AA guns aim their shoot. 
Bristol (smoke damge inflicted) and Staaken fire at each other and a german gun is jammed. 
SE5a and Staaken overlap...
  4. Both german bombers drop their first bombs load. 
Staaken is hit by AA gun (no damage). 
Bristol inflicts 4 damage points to Staaken. 
Night Bristol...
  5. SE5a and Staaken fire at each other (no damage). 
Staaken’s bombs partially hit left AA gun and Gotha’s bombs totally destroy right AA gun.
  6. Night Bristol and Gotha fire at each other. 
Se5a and Staaken overlap at different altitude.
  7. Bristol and Staaken fire at each other.
  8. Staaken drops its second bombs load. 
Bristol and Staaken overlap at different altitude.
  9. 3 Staaken’s gunners shoot at SE5a (2 damage points). 
Bristol and Staaken still overlap. 
Staaken’s bombs partially hit a bridge. 
Gotha drops its...
  10. SE5a misses its shoot at Staaken which inflict a fire and many damage points to the english fighter. 
Bristol and Staaken still overlap. 
  11. Last shot of SE5a, Staaken returns fire but 2 of its guns jam. 
Bristol and Staaken still overlap.
  12. SE5a is shot down. 
Bristol’s rear gunner shoots at Staaken which returns fire.
  13. German bombers turn and face each other.
  14. German bombers on their way back.
  15. Engine damage for night Bristol. 
Gotha looses 1 altitude level.
  16. Staaken must face a fire damage and 2 multiple crew damage : 1 pilot and 2 gunners are disabled.
  17. Terrible shoots from rear gunners of Staaken at regular Bristol (9 damage points). 
Night Bristol jams firing at Gotha.
  18. 3 damage points for the second flame token removed on Staaken. 
Last moments of both Bristol.
  19. German bombers heading to the remaining AA gun. 
Both Bristol Fighter fall down to the ground.
  20. A second flame token is removed (2 damage points for Staaken). 
Gotha is aimed by AA gun.
  21. Staaken drops its third bombs load. 
Gotha is hit by AA gun (8 damages points).
  22. Staaken’s bombs partially hit the AA gun spot but Gotha’s front gunner totally destroys it.
  23. Staaken is downed because of the last flame token removed. 
Gotha safely flies back to its base with only 14 damage points).
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