TURKENKREUZ - Mission January 28th 1918 - London

Bombing mission over London (2 targets fully destroyed).
2 mats (Country + City)
Gotha G.V (downed)
Zeppelin Staaken (downed)
Sopwith Camel (downed)
Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter Comic
Airco DH4
2 AA gun

Campaign can be downloaded from my profile page - Files section - TURKENKREUZ
AAR of the mission : https://www.wingsofwar.org/forums/showthread.php?29347-TURKENKREUZ-German-bombing-campaign-over-England-1917-1918
  1. Scramble !
  2. DH4 and Strutter at lower altitude overlap the Staaken. 
Thanks to its Fixed higher machine gun, Strutter fires at Staaken but is jammed.
  3. Camel and Staaken overlap at different altitude. 
DH4 and Strutter are at out of range of Staaken’s gunners.
  4. Camel and Gotha’s both gunners shoot at each other.
  5. The jammed Strutter flies away.
  6. The Strutter performs an Immelman to try to come back.
  7. DH4 is in Gotha’s blind spot and fires at Gotha. 
Camel and Gotha overlap’at different altitude.
  8. DH4 and Camel collides (no damage). 
Gotha is hit by AA gun (no damage).
  9. DH4 (in Gotha’s blind spot), fires at Gotha, which fires at Camel, which shoots on Staaken.
  10. DH4 and Gotha collide (no damage).
  11. Second collision for DH4 and Gotha (2 and 4 damage points).
  12. Camel, DH4 and Gotha overlap at different altitude. 
AA guns aim at german planes.
  13. DH4 and Gotha fire at each other.
  14. Gotha is hit by AA gun (no damage) and drops its bombs.
  15. Staaken is hit by AA gun (6 points). 
Gotha’s bombs destroy the target.
  16. Camel collides with Staaken (8 points of damage inflicted).
  17. The DH4 has 7 points of damage from Gotha’s and Staaken’s gunners. 
Staaken drops bombs.
  18. First Staaken bombing is successful. 
The Gotha is shot down by the Camel.
  19. Staaken is hit by a AA gun shooting but its bomb partially destroy a AA gun.
  20. First flames token removed : 3 points !
  21. Successful shots on both sides.
  22. Missed !
  23. Missed again.
  24. The Staaken tries to escape.
  25. Last flames token is removed.
  26. The english planes are back.
  27. Successful shot.
  28. Final shots. 
The DH4 has received 14 points of damage but is saved.
  29. the Staaken is shot down.
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