TURKENKREUZ - mission August 22nd 1917 - Dover

Bombing mission over England (target fully destroyed).
1 Coast mat
Gotha G.V (escaped)
Sopwith Triplane
Airco DH2 (downed)
3 AA gun

Campaign can be downloaded from my profile page - Files section - TURKENKREUZ
AAR of the mission : https://www.wingsofwar.org/forums/showthread.php?29347-TURKENKREUZ-German-bombing-campaign-over-England-1917-1918
  1. AA gun ready to welcome the enemy.
  2. Scramble !
  3. First hit : Gotha is on fire !
  4. DH2 is hit.
  5. Bombs are dropped. 
Is the Triplane going to be out of the mat ?
  6. Target is partially destroyed. 
Triplane’s base center hasn’t left the playing area. 
DH2 (in the bomber’s blind spot) is jammed firing at Gotha.
  7. DH2 flies below Gotha.
  8. Triplane is out of range and DH2 is still under Gotha.
  9. 5 points of damage for the last flames token removed. 
Engine damage for DH2 shot by Gotha’s rear gunner.
  10. Triplane collides with the Gotha : no damage on both sides.
  11. The DH2 is in the blind spot of the Gotha’s rear MG.
  12. The DH2 is jammed.
  13. Gotha’s MG in action.
  14. DH2 goes on flames. 
Gotha drops bombs that destroy the target.
  15. The DH2 is downed because of flames.
  16. Jamming of Gotha’s front gun. 
Triplane performs Split-S that will unfortunately prevent it to reach fleeing Gotha during the next turns.
  17. The Gotha flies safely through the artillery counters.
  18. 1 Damage point on the Gotha.
  19. The Gotha is fleeing away, flying back safely to its base, with only 13 damage points.
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