TURKENKREUZ - mission May 25th 1917 - Folkestone

Bombing mission over England (target half destroyed).
1 Coast mat
Gotha G.V (downed)
Sopwith Pup

Campaign can be downloaded from my profile page - Files section - TURKENKREUZ
AAR of the mission : https://www.wingsofwar.org/forums/showthread.php?29347-TURKENKREUZ-German-bombing-campaign-over-England-1917-1918
  1. A Gotha arrives over England coast. 
The Pup is played with a Camel mini and D deck.
  2. Scramble !
  3. Overlapping at different altitudes.
  4. Rear gunners in action.
  5. Bombs are dropped at altitude 2. 
Gotha receives an engine damage.
  6. Bombs have half destroyed the target.
  7. Smoke damage on Gotha.
  8. Pup is out of range.
  9. Gotha’s rear gunner is hit. 
Task might be easier for english pilots.
  10. Overlapping at different altitudes.
  11. Still overlapping. 
Pup out of range again.
  12. RE8´s successful shot.
  13. Effective coming back of Pup.
  14. Gotha’s front gun shoots at Pup, but turning on right side becomes impossible.
  15. Missed !
  16. Consecutive shots
  17. The Gotha is shot down.
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