WGS French plane cards by Max Headroom

Cards made by Max Headroom that were lost in the Great Hack attack. All artwork is his.
  1. Bloch MB 155.C1 4 EME Esc, Ukn
  2. Bloch MB 152.C1 4 Esc, Roquerbe
  3. Morane Saulnier MS 410 1 Escadrille GC 1, Ukn
  4. Morane Saulnier MS 406.C1 Escadrille GC III, Jiroudek
  5. Morane Saulnier MS 406.C1 2 Escadrille, Jicha
  6. Bloch MB.200 Vichy France
  7. Bloch MB.174A 3 Armee de l'Air, Saint Exupery
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