Wings of Glory 1/200

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  1. Hogan Wings 1/200 A6M2 zeros
  2. Hogan Wings 1/200 A6M2 zeros
  3. Furuta Choco Egg 
Stab II/ZG76
  4. Furuta Choco Egg  
Stab II/ZG76
  5. Furuta Choco Egg  
Stab II/ZG76
  6. Bf 109-E  6/JG 53
  7. Bf  109-E 6/ JG 53
  8. Bf 109-E 6/JG 53
  9. Bf 109-E 
6/ JG 53
  10. Spitfire Vb 
74 Sqdn RAF
  11. Spitfire Vb 74 Sqdn RAF 
Testors Russian Armor Green and US Navy Blue Gray on upper. Lower Testors Lt Ghost Gray
  12. Vought OS2U-1 Kingfisher
  13. Vought OS2U-1 Kingfisher 
  14. Vought OS2U-1 Kingfisher  
Trumpeter 1/200
  15. Vought OS2U-1 Kingfisher 
Testors US Navy Blue Gray over light gray
  16. New Ray diecast F4U-1D.  I just like the shape of the airframe
  17. F 4U-1D   VF 84 USS Bunker Hill 
Aircraft # 167 and 187
  18. F4U-1D  USS Bunker HILL Minimal touch up.  Painted cowl yellow.
  19. F4U-1D Corsair USS Bunker Hill 
#187  Unk pilot
  20. F4U-1D Corsair USS Bunker Hill. 
Lt. Cdr. Roger R. Hedrick
  21. Marine PBJ-1D    VMB-413 
Testors US Navy blue gray over nondescript gray
  22. Marine Corps PBJ-1D  #28  VMF-413 
 I cleaned up my original around the nose area. Liked it so I worked on a flight of three.
  23. Marine Corps PBJ-1D 
VMF-413 #26 crew unk
  24. Marine Corps PBJ-1D #29 VMB-413
  25. Marine Corps PBJ-1D 
  26. TBD-1  VT-8 USS Hornet 
T-2  Unk                           T-16 LTCDR John c. Waldron 
T-14 Ens George H. Gay
  27. TBD 
Spru Torpedo
  28. TBD VT-8 
T-16 Ens George H Gay sole survivor of Midway attack. 
Testors US Navy blue gray upper Gull gray lower  
Trumpeter 1/200 
Kit supplied...
  29. TBD 
I think this one (and three others) has/have a scratch built tail wheel. 
Tiny small clear parts clumsy fingers. Not a good combination.
  30. 342nd Fighter Squadron 
348th Fighter Group
  31. 342nd Fighter Squadron 
348th Fighter Group 
Lower surface Testors neutral gray 
Upper surface ceramcoat timberline green Tail ceramcoat oyster white
  32. 342nd Fighter Squadron 
Pacific Theater 
Cpt. William D. Dumham
  33. 342nd Fighter Squadron 
Pacific Theater 
1st Lt. W. Ellis Frankfort
  34. "W" Cpt Bill Whisner 
"L" Lt. Dean M. Huston 
"P" Maj. George E. Preddy 
"M" Lt. Col. John Meyer
  35. No wing markings Decals from blood-red-skies.
  36. 487th Fighter Squadron 352nd Fighter Group.
  37. "Blue nosed Bastards of Bodny"
  38. Ares on the left. Micro machines (modified) on the right.
  39. Same plane finished next to Ares spifed up P-51
  40. Useful for gaming. I should note that I added metal radio antena and 50 cal barrels.
  41. Stripped of the realy ugly stuff.
  42. Bottom side of said P-51
  43. Ebay wim buy. Micro Machine P-51
  44. P-47 379th Ftr Sqdn  
  45. P-47 379th Ftr. Sqdrn  362nd Ftr Grp
  46. P-47 379th Ftr Sqdn 362nd Ftr Group 
"T"  "Super Rabbit" Lt. Ralph Sallee 
"A" "Five by Five" Col. Joseph...
  47. Wings Be110 touch up on paint and new decals
  48. Same Furuta choco Egg.
  49. Wings 110 with touch ups.
  50. The three together they look good size wize.
  51. Pair of Furuta choco egg 110s
  52. Trumpeter 1/200 Ar 196
  53. Ar 196 with Japanese markings while serving in China
  54. Ar 196 in German (I think Western front) markings.
  55. 1/200  Wings Zeros with Trumpeter floats. Wing floats are a bit fragile.
  56. Gray with green blotches.
  57. Japanese float plane in 1/200.
  58. Japanese green camo.
  59. Japanese float plane 1/200.
  60. IMG 0664
  61. IMG 0665
  62. IMG 0673
  63. USMC f4u Corsair
  64. Marine land based aircraft
  65. New Ray 1/190 f4u Corsair
  66. Total repaints
  67. No excess detail on these
  68. New Ray f4u Corsair
  69. Clean solid little models not much in frills
  70. Added individual aircraft numbers and the tail flash
  71. New Ray 1/190 f6f Hellcat in three color camo
  72. New Ray Hellcat and Corsairs
  73. WOW f4f Wildcat left, New Ray 1/190 Hellcat center, WOW Val left. 
For size comparison
  74. New Ray 1/190 f6f
  75. New Ray 1/190 Hellcat
  76. I like the early two tone color scheme
  77. Stock decals on tricolor mixed bag on early scheme. Tail flash for CV10 Yorktown
  78. New Ray 1/190 f6f Hellcat
  79. PBJ-1D VMB-413
  80. Awsome low level attack aircraft.
  81. Schatch built  tail gun position
  82. I should have fit the Green House and cockpit better
  83. Short range radar located where dorsal turret was
  84. Six fixed forward firing .50 Cal and one flexible mount
  85. Blue Gray over Gray
  86. PBJ-1D
  87. Redecaled with I-94 decals
  88. I left the aircraft numbers alone
  89. New Ray 1/200 one a major repaint the other a major touch up
  90. New Ray 1/200 P-47
  91. Combination of original and repainted sections.
  92. All metal construction except the prop and cowel
  93. Excuse the lint
  94. New Ray 1/200 P-47
  95. Complete repaint except the tail
  96. 1/200 P-47
  97. New Ray 1/200 P-47
  98. Furuta (OD) all plastic construction
  99. New Ray (silver) all metal except the props
  100. New Ray and Furuta 1/200 P-38s
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