origins 2018 6-17-18 1pm-3pm whats the wurst that could happen

run by matt56. i guess i found out lol
  1. 0617130828 lovely sausages painted by matt56.
  2. 0617132327 my lovely mount for this scenario. normally i go for the skulled d7 of this squadron but it didnt fair so well in the 1st scenarion. so a...
  3. 0617132334 rick seems fatigued while glen engages in the time honored fighter pilot tradition of reflying dogfights with ones hands.
  4. 0617132347 matt56, glen2112, tea ticket (pete), and black kniggit (rick) photobombing.
  5. 0617132403 greame dandy and other new faces seem to be enjoying the game!
  6. 0617132411
  7. 0617132422  leeland plots as matt56 looks on.
  8. 0617133713 inevitable inevitable.
  9. 0617134326 bobsalt, leeland, and matt56.
  10. 0617134337 pete and glan plot moves.
  11. 0617141456 showing the balloon whos boss.
  12. 0617141928 i hit the balloon with TWO boom cards!!!! surely this will purge my boom card curse!!!
  13. 0617143056 really gaming gods? really?
  14. 0617145029 not only can i take the boom card, but i can deal it out as well.
  15. 0617150050 sssssiiiigggghhhh. well at least i can say i went out with a bang errrrr boom!
  16. 0617224419 whats this? now thats my kind of loot crate!!!
  17. 0617225627 loot! swag! and booty!!! not shown is my final convention souvenir. i must have strayed too close to the tripods & triplanes table and...
  18. 0617225639 the awesome and classy pin presented to myself from flash. an RAF charity pin. and hes a humanitarian chap as well! bravo dave!
  19. 0617225649  ww1 promo pacs free with purchase from ares and my invitational kill coin. and for you battletech fans a nice clan ghostbear pin.
  20. 0617225702 i was able to score a buddekke eIII almost unobtainable at the moment. why didnt i pick up 3?
  21. 0617225735 origins allowed me to fill some 2 seater holes in my collection.
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