origins 2018 6-17-18 10am-12m save the cognac

run by rhodie80 (jim) because rule#1 of drinking is; never waste the alcohol!
  1. 0617103801 im in the lovely diamond chequered albatross on the right. awesome paintjob jim!!!
  2. 0617103812
  3. 0617103818
  4. 0617103824 flash flashes a quick smile.
  5. 0617103836
  6. 0617103841
  7. 0617103900 rhodie80 (jim) "it was a total frame job i tell ya! im innocent!"
  8. 0617111205 once again, it is another (pete) and not i that get the boom card. dont worry. i more than make it up in the next scenario.
  9. 0617111447
  10. 0617114102
  11. 0617114156 flash gets a kill.
  12. 0617115804 i assist in 1 final kill. AND THE COGNAC IS SAVED! "how dry i am. how dry i am. nobody knows, how dry i am!"
  13. 0617123944 not all new "faces" were equally welcome. still, ill teach him to play WINGS OF GLORY if he refrains from his usual antics long...
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