origins 2018 6-15 5pm-8pm "a night over london"

run by tea ticket (pete). an interesting night fighting scenario. this would by really interesting with zeppelin staakens (imagine a fighter blunder into the rear arcs at close range lol).
  1. 0615171253 my mount, my own purple gotha that i was able to fly to round out the giants of the purple twilight.
  2. 0615171300 "i want YOU, to fly the unfriendly night sky!"
  3. 0615171306 "are you ready for our sojourn into the purple twilight against england?"
  4. 0615171322 tea ticket (pete) "no autographs. please." and a seemingly pleased rookie pilot.
  5. 0615171329 another happy rookie pilot gives a thimbs up.
  6. 0615172401 "i see you." "no i see you." "i SEE you." "i see YOU."
  7. 0615174759 the eye counters mark which aircraft is seen by whom.
  8. 0615175432 crashx (tim). and tea ticket (pete)
  9. 0615180500 things get close in the purple twilight once again.
  10. 0615181615 there were a number of collisions in the inky black of night.
  11. 0615182118 a brit re 8 burns brightly in the night sky. at one point 3 british aircraft and one gotha were on fire. it must have been quite the...
  12. 0615191919 sssssiiiiggghhhh. starting to see a pattern develop?
  13. 0615194554 opposition is thick over london. and another brit kite burns.
  14. 0615200447 my respawned gotha barely makes it over the target!!!
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