origins 2018 6-15 9am-11am wings of glory wwI record breaker

run by ares and matt. turout was better than last year. however, its sad, with the number of buckeye dromers alone, we cant get bigger turnouts to these. SPREAD THE WORD FROM THE HILLTOPS FOR NEXT YEAR!!! LETS SHOW THEM HOW TO BREAK A RECORD IN THE USA!!!
  1. 0615095457 i go down simultaneously as my quarry.  yes it was a boom card that did me in (shocker). at ;least it earned me 5 ares bucks for getting...
  2. 0615095505 crashx (tim) salutes those whore about to die and caveman (dave) grins in anticipation.
  3. 0615095525 black kniggit (rick) ready to rock and roll.
  4. 0615095532 dave strikes a pose for all his interwebs admirers. women want to be with him, and men want to be him.
  5. 0615095538
  6. 0615095548 dave and tim going gansta. they didnt choose the drome life. the drome life chose them!
  7. 0615095657 tea ticket (pete) fans out his damage stack.
  8. 0615095707 black kniggit (rick) has  big stack of damage pile, demonstrating why we call him "luck o matic"
  9. 0615095715
  10. 0615095720 helpful ares staff. if anyone can provide names for face, please chime in.
  11. 0615095905 black kniggit is ready for his closeup (but are we?)
  12. 0615100046
  13. 0615100054 pretty good turnout, but not the record breaking numbers we hoped for. COME ON USA! LETS SHOW THEM HOW ITS DONE!!!!
  14. 0615100518 im not the only one getting the boom card.
  15. 0615100524
  16. 0615102918 and another earns the boom-boom moniker!
  17. 0615102925 black kniggit (rick) shows his choice of aircraft. which he got to keep at the end of play. THANKS ARES!!!
  18. 0615103233 im not the only one to fall to the fuzzy zero.
  19. 0615103246 someone collects a lot of donuts.
  20. 0615103251 carshx (tim) shares the fate of many (myself induced lol)
  21. 0615103305 caveman (dave) celebrates a kill in caveman style!
  22. 0615104312 a one n a half strutter struts no more.
  23. 0615104321 dave bags another one!
  24. 0615104337 dave is happy with 3 kills. matt in the background with the dreaded damage deck.
  25. 0615104939
  26. 0615104947 dave (flash) and tim (crashx) clown for the camera.
  27. 0615105306
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