origins 2018 6-14 1pm-4pm central powers strike back

run by mark. this is the continuing sage of dueling raids between the entente and central powers.
  1. 0614132124 mark explains mission parameters.
  2. 0614132132
  3. 0614132143
  4. 0614132940 mark and redcoon2 (thomas redcoom). it was good to fly with you again tom!
  5. 0614134332 my mount the halberstadt clII. though the flame markings would, once again, prove all to accurate.
  6. 0614134339 entente pilots plot their moves
  7. 0614135604 my escort draws enemy fighters allowing me to pass.
  8. 0614143339 the results of my salvo. i salvoed all 9 bombs as, having braved enemy fire and actually arrived over target, i doubted my ability to do...
  9. 0614143520 the fruits of my labor, or egg laying as it were
  10. 0614150751 a flak burst hits a little too close to home lighting my empenage afire.
  11. 0614151916 my halberstadt clII succumbs to the flames
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