origins 2018 6-13 5pm-7pm camels, chianti, and cevapcici

run by matt56 not sure why i took so few pics. must have been daydreaming. couldnt even say for sure which plane was me.
  1. 0613173247 i guess this is what i was flying. couldnt say for sure lol
  2. 0613173358 matt56 tea ticket, and dave (caveman)
  3. 0613173405 glen and bbsuds
  4. 0613173414 tommy z, trenchwench, and fellow dromer whos name i forgot to write down lol. and yes, hes been told of the resemblance.
  5. 0613173425 tommy z and trenchwench mugging for the camera
  6. 0613185830 not sure if this was me or someone else. its all a blur.
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