Diceni 1st May 2016

Photographs of the New Buckenham Historical Wargaming Society's WGF demonstration games in The Forum, Norwich.
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  3. A new game.  The D.H.4 must fly to the town and photograph a ground target escorted by a SPAD XIII and a Sopwith Triplane.  Opposing is a Fokker...
  4. The Forces approach each other.
  5. The Roland C.II and SPAD XIII exchange fire.  The Roland's observer is hit.
  6. The Fokker D.VII engages the Sopwith Triplane.
  7. The Roland's observer cannot fire.
  8. DSC01063
  9. DSC01064
  10. DSC01065
  11. The D.H.4 missed its target.
  12. DSC01067
  13. The Sopwith Triplane flew off the edge of the board.
  14. DSC01069
  15. The D.H.4 turns for another run at the target.
  16. DSC01071
  17. DSC01072
  18. The Fokker Dr.I attacked the D.H.4, deflecting it from its run on the objective.
  19. DSC01074
  20. The Roland fires at the SPAD, shooting it down.
  21. The Roland was shot down.
  22. The SPAD was shot down.  The game was being played with a reduced damage deck containing no 0's or 1's and no Boom! card.
  23. The respawned SPAD heads for the combat area.
  24. DSC01079
  25. DSC01080
  26. The Fokker Dr.I fired at the SPAD.  The referee was about to measure the range.
  27. Referees sometimes make mistakes.
  28. The D.H.4 begins its third run at the objective.
  29. The D.H.4 slipped through the fighter screen.
  30. DSC01085
  31. DSC01086
  32. The D.H.4 successfully photographed its objective.  The Sopwith Triplane and SPAD shot down the Fokker D.VII.
  33. DSC01088
  34. The D.H.4 began its run for home.  The Fokker D.VII was respawned.
  35. DSC01090
  36. DSC01091
  37. DSC01092
  38. DSC01093
  39. DSC01094
  40. Fokker D.VII rakes the SPAD.
  41. The D.H.4 with its valuable photographs continues to head for home leaving its fighter escort to deal with the Germans.
  42. The Sopwith Triplane gets behind the Fokker D.VII.  Can the Roland's observer shoot the SPAD?
  43. Explaining to a new young player how the game works.
  44. The Sopwith Triplane was shot down.
  45. SPAD pursues a Fokker D.VII.  Roland C.II heads for its target.
  46. SPAD pilot made a poor choice.  The Germans continue towards the target.
  47. DSC01103
  48. A new young pilot enters the arena.
  49. DSC01105
  50. SPAD XIII and Fokker D.VII at close quarters whilst the Roland C.II heads for its photo-reconaissance target.
  51. Jabba and visitor
  52. DSC01109
  53. Peter, the Gamesmaster and owner of the equipment.
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