National Museum of the USAF - December 2010

Pictures from Early War hangar of the United States Air Force Museum at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio
  1. Spad VII  (From the Museum Website as mine did not turn out.)
  2. Nieuport 28
  3. Fokker DRI
  4. Thomas Morse S4C Scout
  5. Avro 504K
  6. Spad VII
  7. Standard J1 Trainer
  8. Giffard 1852 Steam Powered Dirigible Model (Above) 
Zeppelin LZ-1 Model (Below)
  9. Bicycle from the Wright Brothers' Shop
  10. Immelman diagram according to the museum experts...
  11. Interwar American SE.5a
  12. Not sure what this Observation Balloon would be able to see, because it is really dark in this museum...
  13. Interwar American SE.5a (Redesignated SE5E)
  14. De Havilland DH-4 and my buddy Jim!
  15. Fokker DVII
  16. Squadron Logos
  17. Spad XIII
  18. Halberstadt CL IV
  19. Sopwith Camel
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