Targets WW1 Wings of Glory

I make 3D "Targets" for my wings games and base them on card which is cut to "Plane card" size, to be consistent with the game. The photos below are those I print off in case an aircraft model lands on a 3D target. They are therefore intended as "Target cards". I'm afraid the colour printer I have doesn't do them justice and the models themselves are painted very crudely and have no movement or damage stats on them etc. However, I find them useful and adapt where required for a game. Feel free to use them if you wish. I have no idea what size they will come out at if you copy them, but I just copy a plane card I know is going to print to the correct size then put mine beside that on an A4 sheet, scale them then print. Cut outs are put into card sleeves. Its all very crude but it serves its purpose for me anyway.
Models are from the 6mm range of WW1 figures by Irregular Miniatures. Paints are all Vallejo acrylics.
By way of an experiment, the "Equipment cards," for the models I use as targets, have now been added. After seeking advice, I made the movement rate of targets a standard "Range Ruler width and the damage each can take as a standard "5" points. Either can be changed if required.
Feel free to use if you wish.
  1. Barbed Wire 1
  2. Target card 11
  3. Target card 10
  4. Target card 9
  5. Target card 8
  6. Target card 7
  7. Target card 6
  8. Target card 5
  9. Target card 4
  10. Target card 3
  11. Target card 2
  12. Target card 1
  13. Barbed wire defences 4
  14. Barbed wire defences 3
  15. Barbed wire defences 2
  16. Barbed wire defences 1
  17. 20221107 134405
  18. 20221107 134359
  19. 20221107 134353
  20. 20221107 134315
  21. 20221107 134309
  22. 20221107 134152
  23. 20221107 134126
  24. 20221107 134102
  25. 20221107 134058
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