Counters boxes

This album shows counters boxes I have made for myself and others on the Forum.
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  2. Box 1 (2)
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  12. IMG 0991
  13. IMG 0824 Interior of the box for Prague Con 2017 - it's a WW2 box, so grey seemed appropriate, along with the light blue WW2 counters key on the...
  14. IMG 0823 Top of the Prague Con 2017 counters box - Daniel is running some Czech Squadron related games, and he wanted a prize box to coincide with...
  15. IMG 0785  This box is for the 2017 Lend Lease raffle to get Karl (Jager) over to Doncaster.  I painted it in American/British regalia to signify...
  16. IMG 0793  This box was done for Pete (Stumptonian) - he wanted Jasta 18 images, as his tagline and avatar are that Jasta's was fun to do,...
  17. IMG 0116  The interior of my counters box - 12 sections - and the box is an old cigar box I reworked and decorated.
  18. IMG 0176  The sectioned interior of a new 'cigar' box purchased at Michael's - 16 sections offers more sorting opportunities.
  19. IMG 0201  The painted interior of Neil's (Skafloc) box - I did it in sky blue since his outside is Dr I streaked camo wings.  Here you can also see...
  20. IMG 0628  My box for organizing my X-Wing counters - roughly the same dimensions as the other boxes, but about twice as deep, since the game counters...
  21. IMG 0503  Box sent to Dan-Sam to be used as a prize at PragCon 2016.
  22. IMG 0532  Dan-Sam's presentation box he received at Origins 2016 as our Lend-Lease participant.  I did the wings to match planes in his signature...
  23. IMG 0561  Commissioned box for Tim (FlyingHelmut) - one of my favorites.
  24. IMG 0305  Commissioned box for Keith (Oberst Hajj), similar to Neil's but with no white backing on the crosses.
  25. IMG 0255  My gaming pal and good buddy Jim (rhodie80) wanted an American version, so SPAD wings made an appearance.
  26. IMG 0304  Done up for Chris (fast.git) - first use of three coats of stain to approximate my original cigar box.
  27. IMG 0200  Presentation box for Neil (Skafloc) as our Origins Lend-Lease participant for 2015.
  28. IMG 0175  My gaming pal and good buddy Rick (TheBlueWhale) got this lighter version.
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