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  8. A DH4 crosses the lines - its mission, to pick up a spy
  9. In the blue corner, a Gotha and escort set out to bomb the AA Batteries
  10. A Pfalz and a couple of Triplanes run interference
  11. The Gotha homes in on its targets, too high for anything to catch it.
  12. The DH and Snipe hug the ground as they fly towards the spy's position. The Triplanes are too high to take a shot, even it they were facing the right...
  13. Still trying to catch the Gotha...
  14. The Gotha lines up another target while the Bristol claws for height
  15. The Pfalz tries to take on a Snipe. It might look nice,  but is was outpaced by practically everything else on the table
  16. Hotly pursued by a couple of hun scouts, the DH4 makes it safely off the table
  17. Ther Gotha goes about its business, taking out the attacking Brisfit  on the way
  18. The Gotha starts an attack on another AA battery while the Bristol jockeys for a firing position
  19. Thee DH4 now starts the long journey back to its edge of the board
  20. The DH down on the ground and the spy collected
  21. Game 1 - the Rumpler has to get across the table and photograph the 4 ack ack batteries. The Entente players have to stop it (who'da thunk it?).
  22. The good guys line up for the 'off'
  23. Jasta 18 sweep majestically across the table
  24. Ray Collishaw sets out going in the opposite direction
  25. While a brace if Snipes prepare to defend the AA batteries and balloon
  26. Ray suddenly finds himself as busy as a one-armed paperhanger
  27. One of the Snipes has a stab at a passing Albatros
  28. With the Sopwith Triplane out of the way, the Rumpler trundles on towards its target, the AA guns
  29. For you ze var is over - one of the Snipes buys it.
  30. While a D.VII lines up on the other one
  31. The demise of the Rumpler as it flies into hot flaming death. Game over, a win to the Entente players
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