This Day in History - WW2

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  1. L'Adroit-class French destroyer La Railleuse
  2. 2109-ton Danish Steam Merchant Bothal
  3. Kapitänleutnant Joachim Schepke
  4. 1229-ton Danish Steam Merchant Minsk
  5. 1026-ton Danish Steam Merchant Charkow
  6. 1153-ton Danish Steam Merchant Viking
  7. Survivors of Dutch trawler Protinus after rescue by HMS Unity
  8. He 111 H of Stab I/KG 26 
Schiphol, Amsterdam (1940)
  9. RN Submarine HMS Unity
  10. U-38 docked at Wilhelmshaven on 18 April 1940
  11. U-38 returning to Kiel
  12. 5375-ton Danish Motor merchant Argentina
  13. James Isbister - 1st British Civilian Casualty (due to enemy action)
  14. RN County-class heavy cruiser HMS Norfolk
  15. Ju 88As II.KG30 over Norway
  16. On HMS Eagle, Cmdr (F) Charles Lindsay "KP" Keighly-Peach (DSO) unstraps from Sea Gladiator N5517
  17. HMS Eagle at Alexandria (20 Jul 1940) 
Note HMS Warspite in background
  18. HMS Antelope (H36) underway in coastal waters
  19. Blenheim IVs of No 82 Sqn in 1939
  20. German Submarine U-31 before the war
  21. British 643-ton steam merchant SS Akeld
  22. British 1,097-ton steam merchant SS Borthwick
  23. British 1,585-ton steam merchant SS Abbotsford under her former name Cyrille Danneels
  24. SS Hannover Listing Before Her Capture
  25. Light Cruiser HMS Dunedin (D 93)
  26. HMS Audacity after her conversion to an escort carrier
  27. WWII Grand Cross of the Order of the German Eagle
  28. James David Mooney - President of General Motors Overseas
  29. RMS Queen Elizabeth Clyde to NYC 
3 March 1940
  30. RMS Queen Elizabeth Arrives NYC 
7 Mar 1940
  31. (L to R) SS Normandie, RMS Queen Mary, and RMS Queen Elizabeth 
New York, March 1940
  32. X. Fliegerkorps Heinkel He 111
  33. British 7,524-ton Steam Merchant Empire Attendant (formerly SS Domala)
  34. British 8,441-ton cargo liner Domala
  35. Sumner Welles - US Sec of State & Envoy to Europe
  36. Joachim von Ribbentrop - German Foreign Minister in 1940
  37. HMS Narwhal (N45) 
Grampus-class Minelaying Submarine
  38. Neville Chamberlain
  39. Zerstörer Z16 Friedrich Eckoldt
  40. Zerstörer Z13 Erich Koellner
  41. Zerstörer Z6 Theodor Riedel
  42. Zerstörer Z4 Richard Beitzen
  43. Zerstörer Z3 Max Schultz
  44. Zerstörer Z1 Leberecht Maass
  45. Heinkel He 111 (coded 1H-DN) of KG 26  
SC 1000 bomb suspended from fuselage   March 1941
  46. Panamanian 1,406-ton Steam Merchant El Sonador (ex-Batavier III)
  47. Spanish 2,140-ton Steam Merchant Banderas
  48. Norwegian 4,297-ton Motor Merchant Sangstad
  49. Greek 4,719-ton Steam Merchant Ellin
  50. RN "D-class" Destroyer HMS Daring, before the war
  51. Dutch 4,537-ton Steam Merchant Ameland
  52. French 3,754-ton Armed Steam Merchant PLM 15 (Paris-Lyon-Marseilles)
  53. Altmark in Jøssingfjord
  54. No. 233 Sqn RAF Hudsons based at Aldergrove in Northern Ireland 
30 May 1941
  55. HMS Cossack in 1938
  56. Swedish 1,526-ton steam merchant Osmed
  57. Danish 1,066-ton steam merchant Sleipner
  58. Swedish 1,646-ton steam merchant Liana
  59. Danish 1,064-ton steam merchant Rhone
  60. Danish 2,095-ton Steam Merchant Martin Goldschmidt
  61. Gneisenau, Scharnhorst, and Admiral Hipper entering Trondheim Fjord 
(April 1940)
  62. British12,306-ton Steam Merchant Sultan Star
  63. British 10,191-ton Steam Tanker Gretafield, burning after having been torpedoed by U-57
  64. British 4,622-ton Steam Merchant Langleeford
  65. Krzyż Walecznych (1920) 
Polish Cross of Valour 
Obverse bears the words, "NA POLU CHWAŁY" ("ON THE FIELD OF GLORY"), while the reverse bears the...
  66. Jewish Families on Their Way to the Łódź Ghetto
  67. 1st WWI ramming attack, performed by Russian Pyotr Nesterov 
8 September 1914
  68. "Robur the Conqueror" by Léon Benett 
In Jules Verne's novel "Robur the Conqueror," Robur almost rams his propeller-powered flying vessel 'Albatross'...
  69. "Ich ramme" 
A 1944 drawing by Helmuth Ellgaard illustrating "ramming"
  70. Sir Douglas Bader circa 1940
  71. Three Supermarine Spitfire Mk I of 19 Squadron 
Brilliant photo, credit to IWM
  72. Bader and Hurricane, CO No 242 Squadron, after Battle of France
  73. Cyril Kenneth Bird, "Fougasse" 
Careless Talk Costs Lives 02
  74. Cyril Kenneth Bird, "Fougasse" 
Careless Talk Costs Lives 03
  75. Cyril Kenneth Bird, "Fougasse" 
Careless Talk Costs Lives 01
  76. British 10,389-ton motor tanker Narragansett
  77. Distinguished Service Order [DSO] 
2nd highest British decoration for meritorious/distinguished service by officers
  78. British "A"-class DD, HMS Antelope 
Took part in the sinking of 3 U-boats and Operation Torch
  79. Kapitänleutnant Gustav-Adolf Mugler; 
CO of German Submarine U-41 (Type IX)
  80. British 9,874-ton Steam Merchant Beaverburn
  81. Dutch 8,096-ton Motor Tanker Ceronia
  82. USS Alabama continues to serve as a floating museum in Mobile, Alabama
  83. Hans Joachim Marseille with 109F 4   North Africa
  84. Keel-laying Ceremony of South Dakota-class BB USS Alabama (BB-60)
  85. Hans Joachim Marseille upon award of Diamonds (to go with Swords & Oak Leaves)
  86. U-55 running on the surface.  Taken from a No 228 Sqn Short Sunderland Mk.I
  87. French DD Guépard between 1 Apr 1939 and 1 Jan 1940
  88. No 228 Sqn Short Sunderland Mk.I   (W3989) DQ-L
  89. HMS Janus, a Javelin (or "J") class DD
  90. HMS Whitshed, an Admiralty modified W-class DD
  91. HMNZS (or HMS) Leander Light Cruiser
  92. HMS Fowey, a Shoreham-class sloop
  93. French Guépard class DD Valmy
  94. Greek Steam Merchant Keramiai
  95. Vichy French DD Guépard under British fire - 9 or 22 June 1941
  96. French DD Guépard
  97. French DD Guépard at Sea 1930-31
  98. British Steam Tanker Vaclite
  99. Vyacheslav Molotov; Soviet Foreign Minister
  100. Finnish MG Crew; Winter of 1939-40
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