Salute 2014

  1. P1010966
  2. P1010962
  3. The Germans just popping down the chippy
  4. Look behind you...
  5. The BoB game - the Whirlwind and Hurricanes get stuck into the Stukas
  6. Three heroes of the hour
  7. The Wingco meets a fiery/watery end
  8. Suddenly the allies forget about attacking the submarine, as they have other things to worry about
  9. The German secret weapon lumbers across the table, shooting at everything in sight
  10. Setting up the second game - Rob and Neal get the munchies
  11. The sole surviving Eindekker gets a bead on Kyte
  12. ...Quickly followed by a Fokker E.IV. Not exactly the Fokker Scourge we have read about.
  13. Soon after a Pfalz bites the dust...
  14. Smoke, fire, gun jams and pilot hit - just wasn't his day... 
The Wingco catches light as well.
  15. Down it goes, smoke and flame pouring from it
  16. The first Fokker is on its way out
  17. First game - an early war with lots of Eindekkers and pushers
  18. Flash is awarded the Military Cross by the Wingco
  19. The intrepid aviators pose for a pre-sortie pic
  20. Setting up the first game
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